24 best blue dresses for men in 2021: Ralph Lauren, Brioni, J. Crewe et al

The best blue shirts for men are resistant to trends. There was a time, not so long ago, when we were here GQ he believed in a few hard and fast rules about men’s clothing: that there was only one right way to fit a suit, only one right tie width that you should ever consider wearing, and that you should never, sometime wear a short-sleeved fedora. (Well, the latter is still true.) In 2021, however, virtually zero rules remain. The costumes are back in a big way, but nowadays they can be shrunken and short in Tom Brown, voluminous and without lapel as an Issey Miyake coor land somewhere in between. One thing that hasn’t changed at all, though? Our unwavering and unshakable belief that every living man looks beautiful as hell in a great blue shirt.

What “great” means to you, of course, is variable. We used to look for a specific collar size and a specific color, which we very modestly called “GQ blue. “(No kidding.) Now the trick is to find the right one for your style: if it’s as timeless and all-American as our version of Ralph Lauren, then great; if it’s retro and eccentric like Gucci, take it below, so be it. You have options and no matter what you choose, you can be sure that you will look smart and sophisticated and fully collected – because that’s what the best blue dresses for men do. do not they always change and we are grateful for that.

The best multifunctional blue dress

Polo Ralph Lauren easy to care elastic poplin shirt

If you’re something like us, when you need something as simple as a blue dress, your first instinct is probably to go to Ralph Lauren. Trust this instinct. The king of American men’s clothing built his empire largely on perfectly executed foundations like this: the cut is flattering; cotton is a special fabric for a beautiful hand and just a hint of stretching; the collar is medium spread, which will stand high with or without a tie. Add to that a perfectly reasonable price below $ 100 and there’s really no reason to waste any more time rethinking this.

The best blue dress to be noticed

Gucci oxford shirt with GG logo

Maybe you have fallen into this era of wild style and now you are afraid that the classic blue shirt will not fit into the rest of your three-way wardrobe with balls next to the wall. If that’s the case, Alessandro Michele is watching over you. The attacked Gucci designer can’t help but add a little whim to everything he touches, and he does it here with an elongated, 70s-style blade embroidered with a monogrammed logo borrowed from the archives of the Italian house. It is strange enough to turn some heads, but not so much as to take off the shirt from its timelessness.

The best blue dress shirt for business Trippin ‘

Bonobos elastic shirt with elastic dress

When you are on your way to work and you absolutely have to make the right impression, this is the shirt to rely on. It is streamlined and fresh in every way, with an icy blue hue that will look sharp as a razor, combined with a dark suit and tie. As an added bonus, lightweight cotton should hold up well in your suitcase – the less time you spend leaning over a rotten iron in a hotel room, the better.

The best blue dress with an extremely rich man

Brioni sky blue cotton shirt from the sea island “Brunico”

How could a plain blue dress cost almost $ 1,000, you ask? The answer lies largely in the fabric: this puppy is made entirely of Sea Island cotton, also known as the most luxurious, rarest, softer than newborn puppy, the best cotton fibers on the planet. Things are grown and hand-collected in very limited quantities in the Caribbean, and then woven into the fine textiles you see here. From there, it is strictly handmade in Italy in a shirt that really looks and feels like a million dollars. Which, taken literally, means you actually get it with a 99.9% discount. What a theft!

The best blue dress at the last minute

Stainless herringbone dress Calvin Klein

Surprise! A personal meeting with the best brass pop-ups on your calendar, but all your clothes are dry-cleaned — or worse, hanging stained in pits and yellowed in your closet, waiting to be dry-cleaned. We’ve all been there. (If you find yourself there more often, the problem, dear reader, may be you.) What used to be a cause for panic is now an excuse to order new shirts that will be at your door faster, than you can say “promotion”. Excluding convenience, Calvin Klein’s perfectly simple button would still be a winner. It comes with all the hallmarks of its more expensive counterparts, including an elegant blade, a collar that is thin but not suffocating, and moisture-repellent properties so you can keep cool under pressure. Congratulations: you have nothing to worry about but nailing these annoying talking points.

The best blue In-a-Pinch dress

Nordstrom wearing a shirt made of iron tight dress

Do you work on a limited budget? Landing somewhere just to realize you forgot to pack a dress? Nordstrom is your answer. Unlike most department store buttons, this one is neither scratched to the touch nor embarrassingly clean. Instead, it contains a lot of value in a serious package for the wallet: a nice slim fit, quality fabric, strong collar. When it comes to entry-level options, Nordstrom’s position is so stable and fully viable.

18 More blue shirts we love

Todd Snyder + Hamilton shirt at the end

Cut from Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy, assembled in Houston: finally, a dress with a pedigree, cosmopolitan like yours.

Regent dress with regular fit of Brooks Brothers

Trends come and go, but the seamless Brooks Brothers dress is forever.

Cotton shirt with two cuffs Turnbull & Asser

If Tony Jermyn Street’s address makes your body tingle, Turnbull & Asser has just the shirt for you.

Sid Mashburn wide collar dress

There are a few more satisfying feelings in the confusing search for new clothes of all kinds than going to the Sid Mashburn web store (note it now!) And letting the Atlanta-based haberdashery team take the helm. Why are you messing with the formula now?

Umit Benan B + striped shirt with silk poplin shirt

When going to work involves preparing your voice for a sold-out arena, this is the only dress you need to wear.

Emma Willis Sky Oxford Cotton Shirt

Handmade side elastics, engraved stand stands, and original pearl buttons? Emma Willis is for real loom dresses.

Van Heusen hard poplin dress

If your shirts look like you slept in them moments after you put them on, it’s time to get on the wrinkle-resistant train.

Spouses poplin shirt with a classic collar

Ice, ice, baby.

Blue cotton shirt Charvet

How do you become the first name in the official short? By throwing away dresses that constantly go overboard with details, developing a cult that is as frantic as any clothing edited on the street. (Well, setting up a store in the mid-1800s also helped.)

COS dress with a thin cut of organic cotton

You don’t have to scream all your shirts. This one whispers … that you really have bad taste.

The Ascot Chang weapon shirt with a stretched collar from end to end

A match made in the paradise of men’s clothing.

Comme des Garcons Shirt forever classic shirt

When the line has a “shirt” in its damn name, there’s no reason to look elsewhere.

SK Manor Hill Shirt “Dexter”

I bet you’ve never seen one interior glued shirt pocket before.

Uniqlo long-sleeved dress with iron, which is not iron

Tighten the ironing board. Instead, take a handful of them.

Wales Bonner Cotton Poplin Shirt “Gabriel”

A contrasting collar tells the world, “I’m wearing this because I am want to, not because you have to “.

Cotton shirt made of first-class cotton J.Crew Ludlow

Specially designed to synchronize with your most sleek Ludlow sewing and keep your own unbuttoned on a T-shirt with pocket pockets.

Tommy Hilfiger dress with stainless steel with regular fit

Forget those bloated gingham short-sleeved buttons: Tommy takes off the blue shirt with clothes as archetypically American as it gets.

Elastic poplin club dress from Monaco

Slightly cleaner than most, for the true minimalists among us.

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