2 Ways to Hide Photos and Text in Google Photos

Google has announced that it is bringing its “Locked Folder” for Google Images software for all users. Initially it was limited to Pixel images only. With this notification, rotation is the feature that hides your private photos in a password-protected folder initiated for all users. In this article, I will tell you how to use this feature to hide your private photos with a password and one help bonus to do the same.

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Hide Image and Text

There are a number of options on both the Apple Store and Play Store that allow you to hide your smart media behind a lock screen. However, we are now talking about Google Phots because a lot of users use this app and we will look at another way to do it.

Set Up Google Photos Locked Folder

In order to move your images to this file, you must first set it. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone.

2. Now, click on “Library” from below options.

3. On the next page, click on “Utilities” from the top.

4. Now you will see the “Locked Folder” option under the ‘Lock Your Library’ section. Get it up

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5. Now click on “Set up Locked Folder” and then follow the instructions on the screen.

It will ask you to enter your password lock password or example and set it as the password Lock password.

Move the pictures to the locker rooms

Once you set up Locked Folder, you should also know how to move your photos to this file later.

  1. Go to the Photos Tab and select the photo (s) you want to hide.

2. On the right -hand side, click on the three dotted lines.

3. From the list, select “Go to File Lock” and then tap “Upload”.

Now your images will be uploaded to this file and you will need to use your password lock to see them.

Save directly from the Pixel camera to the Locked Folder

You can also set this file format to be able to save your camera on Pixel and stock Android phones. Follow these steps:

1. Open the phone camera on your phone Pixel.

2. On the right -hand side, click on “Photo Gallery” and then select “Locked Folder”.

All you have to do is take a picture now and it will be automatically saved in the Locked Folder.

You can save all your sensitive photos and images in Locked Folder and it will be protected by a password. Ads saved to this file will not appear in the Photos tab, memory or search. Also, now it will not appear in other apps as well as enter Images.

Bonus tip: Google Photos Archive

There is another way to hide your photos in Google Photos. This method also hides your own sensitive images from searches, memories as well as other programs, but one last thing it does not protect text.

However, you can still use this if the “Locked Folder” has not arrived on your phone. Follow the steps below to add images to the Archive file:

1. Open the Google Photos app and from the Photos tab, select photos you want to hide.

2. You can grab and hold images to select multiple images and after that, click on the three dotted dots in the top right corner.

3. Now from the list, click on “Archive”.

That’s it. These images will now be moved to the Archive section. You can view them by going to Library -> Archive. And if you want to archive images from there, just touch and hold to select and choose “Unarchive” from the list by tapping three dots.

And that’s how you can hide your photos and password in Google Photos. For more tips and tricks, follow us on social media!

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