The former CRO of Factory Berlin joins the Sovereign Nature Initiative: It seeks to revolutionize the Envirotech sector

Independent Nature Initiative (SNI), the headquarters of the non-profit environmental technology foundation in Amsterdam, has appointed Catherine Bischoff as its first CEO.

With more than 24 years of experience in leadership positions, the Berlin leader was previously the General Manager of Relations at the Berlin factory. He will now take all his previous experience in the world of technology, corporation and innovation to a non-profit to help on a mission to balance the relationship between humans and nature.

Bischoff’s goals for SNI are a reflection of his tremendous experience and his desire to make a difference, as he wants to completely change the way organizations think about environmental issues. In this regard he said:

“As CEO of the Sovereign Nature Initiative, I want to further radicalize the environmental technology sector. We already have great ideas and sophisticated tools in technology. Can we turn our resources into massive changes? Can a futuristic view of an autonomous and profitable nature become a reality in our lives? I think it can. “

It is not the first time that the newly appointed CEO has carried out a role with tremendous social impact, as he created the “Stealth mode” program during his time at Factory Berlin. Under the program, women and creators with few representatives received support to get their projects off the ground and give more diversity to the entrepreneurial space.

Now, this networking experience will be driven by positive innovation and collaboration environmental when the effect is most needed. Ewald Hesse, founder of SNI and CEO of Grid Singularity, said Bischoff’s appointment to the foundation was as follows:

“Catherine is a huge catch for us. It brings a strong set of curiosity, passion and value, as well as a wide global network and reach. We are pleased to lead the Sovereign Nature Initiative.

As environmental concerns continue to mount, the impetus and hunger for change in this new leader will lead to the role of the Sovereign Nature Initiative in resolving the human-free economy. Today, it is focused on developing and fostering a different understanding of nature as a provider of natural resources. economic gain.

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