11 of Victoria Beckham’s best beauty tips

I am lucky enough in my work to which I have access celebrities faces, leading beauty brands and the best experts in the industry, but more and more I notice that the A-lists themselves are becoming more influential when it comes to serving legally good beauty advice. Of course, celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston are surrounded by the vintage industry’s vintage cream – from make-up artists to French hairdressers– so it’s really not surprising that they took some expert beauty advice along the way. More specifically, however, there is one celebrity whose knowledge of skin care I trust more than most: Victoria Beckham.

With her own beauty line under her belt and dedicated beauty with product recommendations and the best tips on her Instagram, Beckham’s love for all beauty is obvious. Her passion for products, combined with how open she is to her journey in skin care from Spice Girl to the conscientious fashion designer, means that she is a lady I really trusted when it comes to beauty tips. Besides, there’s a fact that at 47, she looks damn amazing.

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