AgTech Blue White Robotics secures $ 37 million in Series B funding

Blue White Robotics, a Tel Aviv-based agtech startup, was created $ 37 million In Series B funding, to expand products “as a service as a robot” for autonomous farming.

It is run by Insight Partners and Entrée Capita, which have also funded the Serie A round. This funding will enable startups to accelerate their adoption of these technologies, increase new sales in the United States and attract key talent to their team. Ben Alfi, one of the founders and CEO of Blue White Robotics, said it was his turn to say:

“With this new round of investment by some truly changing world leaders, we are able to pursue our vision of a safer, smarter and more productive autonomous farm for the 21st century. Our amazing team is pleased with this new commitment to solving many problems facing modern farmers and food systems in general. “

Founded in March 2017 with the goal of building the world’s leading operating platform for autonomous systems, Blue White Robotics ’growth rate grew by 300% year-on-year. The launch of this success is the result of the use of existing infrastructure and intelligent automated algorithms to create robot tractors that improve productivity, accuracy and worker safety.

The startup has also developed a platform responsible for data collection and distribution, which allows the creation of new services to support autonomous operations that increase output and decrease input. Daniel Aronovitz, vice president of Insight Partners and vice president of Insight Partners, said the following about the startup’s crop revolution mission:

“Agriculture is an industry that has made little progress since the advent of the tractor, and it has come to allow farmers to make the same advances in other technologies. Blue White Robotics’ value proposition is unparalleled in agricultural technology.”

Blue White Robotics aims to launch the agricultural revolution and solve the biggest problems by creating an autonomous agricultural platform for the easy and efficient use of robots. With standalone solutions that are very successful in many industries agtech the startup aims to bring decades of advances in IA and robotics to the agricultural field.

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