Doja Cat has just launched a makeup line with BH Cosmetics


BH Cosmetics

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If you’ve ever wondered what a world designed by Doja Cat would include, don’t wonder anymore. The multi-dash used by the username Nicolas Cage of our conversation Zoom, creates his own planet, inspired by the favorites of science fiction movies.

I think about Her planet– her third studio album – as a glimpse of what the fictional planet of Doja Cat looks like. “Nature and all the colors of nature,” she explains enthusiastically. “He has this beautiful glow of the rainbow that conquers the earth. All these flowers mutate and all these animals interbreed, and humans interbreed with plants. Or, in other words, the film starring Natalie Portman Destruction also served as inspiration for the album. “It’s so good. It’s one of my favorite movies.”

Do you know what else the futuristic, utopian world of Doja Cat has? Her own makeup collection with BH Cosmetics.

The journey of every makeup lover starts somewhere. For Dodge, her introduction to the world of beauty was a “nasty” blue eyeliner purchased from her local CVS. Growing up, Doge watched her mother apply makeup in the bathroom mirror and began stealing several products from her mother’s makeup bag. And with an innate ability to paint, the eyes were where Dodge first practiced makeup.


BH Cosmetics

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“I used to make a giant cat’s eye and children [in my high school] they called me Amy Winehouse and other names they thought were funny but weren’t. “Over the years, I learned how to make this cat eyeliner and finally perfected it,” she says. From there she bought a massive palette of eye shadows BH Cosmetics. “I had every color in the rainbow and I went crazy over it. I definitely didn’t know how to prime my eyes, so nothing looked so great, but I kept going. In the end, she collected enough products to create her own make-up starter kit, which has grown in size (and price) over the years, but her loyalty to BH Cosmetics has never wavered. She now has a palette of eye shadows from BH Cosmetics with her name – among other gilded treats – starting today, September 25th.


BH Cosmetics

$ 220.00

An extension of her galactic fantasies, the Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics collection is a bronze dream of the goddess built around the windows to the soul: eyes. The star of the show is the palette of 36 shades with matte and shiny pots in shades that remind of nature and all its glory.

Show It Off palette

BH Cosmetics

$ 36.00

“I have the feeling that there are so many colors because you think of green when you think of the forest or the jungle, but there are a lot of flowers, elements, minerals and stones of other colors. I wanted a beautiful blues there. I wanted the mints to create this atmosphere of jade and pink shades like orchid and flora for the floral atmosphere, ”she explains. For a more understated look, the collection also includes mini four with gold and bronze shades. Also inspired by both the first makeup product it owns and the current graphic eyeliner generated by TikTok, the collection includes three liquid eyeliners in black, white and green. [Makeup] is for learning and development, so these are good beginners to get involved with, ”she added.

doja cat x bh cosmetics


For Doja Cat, the main goal of the collection was not to recreate its make-up routine, but to give fans the necessary products and tools to create their own starter pack. The product offer also includes a ruddy trio palette, a champagne gold loose highlighter, a black spiral,, lip balms, lip gloss, ahretained mirrorand, of course, a set of brushes.


BH Cosmetics

$ 36.00

“The collection is quite simple. I just wanted a good starting palette so that my fans could start playing with the “look” of makeup. So, I keep trying to fuck in these interesting ways to mess with the eyeliner. It’s about the beauty of makeup research, “she explains.

Exploration, self-expression and calm are the main forces driving the singer’s cosmic cosmetic world. Lately, she has been recharging herself in her new home, reminding her when she will lock the door to her childhood room. “Peace is great,” says the singer. Then with a quoted tone reminiscent of, say, others Nicholas Cage, she says what could be the motto of her science fiction film: “We love peace.”

doja cat x bh cosmetics


You can shop the Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics collection at today and on on October 3.

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