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You don’t have to watch for more than a few minutes Emily in Paris to realize that Emily in Paris (Lily Collins) has no idea what she is I do in Paris. The Netflix show follows a pointless young American woman who enters a culture she has made no effort to meet; when she first meets her neighbor below, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), he tells her he’s from Normandy, and Emily cheerfully remarks, “Oh, I know this beach; Rescuing Private Ryan, right? ”

Ah, but despite Emily’s horrific confusion, you just have to admit that her journey is changing – especially for any American who has ever studied abroad in Europe when he was young and stupid. Yes, Emily must be an elderly woman from Chicago with a master’s degree and disregard for the signature Lou Malnotti’s Deep Dish. But when the show premiered for the first time in 2020, Emily lived a glamorous life in Paris, taking pictures of her croissants, while the rest of us received themed face masks provided to us by Instagram. How could we no do you want to be her

Emily has to run around Paris and take selfies; have awkward, inappropriate interactions with their boss; and defeat many mediocre carefree men around the world. He doesn’t have to decipher the CDC guidelines and decide whether to wear a mask or not every time he makes dinner plans. Emily is free to be an ignorant American in Paris, and that’s reason enough to indulge in this inexplicably Emmy-nominated show.

The real question is: When will there be more?

Will there be a second season of Emily in Paris?

On Wednesday, November 11, Netflix confirmed Emily in Paris will return for a second season with a bizarre note written by the long-suffering boss of Emily Sylvie (Filipino Leroy-Bollo).



c / o: The Gilbert Group

We are desolate! We are writing to inform you that we are sorry that Emily Cooper will have to stay in Paris for a long time. Despite her overconfident manner and lack of previous experience in luxury goods marketing, she still managed to charm some of our hard-to-impress customers for her short time at Savoir. Call it bon chance or American ingenuity – I lean towards the former – its results are impressive.

We hope that by extending her time in Paris, Emily will strengthen the relationship she has already established, delve deeper into our culture, and perhaps take a few words in basic French.

We will work with you to apply for a work permit on her behalf to extend her time here.

We love having Emily in Paris!

But please don’t let her know.

For understanding,

Sylvie Grato

Prior to the news of the renewal, creator Darren Starr said E! News he had some ideas for next season. “I think Emily has a surprisingly difficult choice,” he said. “The show talks so much about the culture that undermines its expectations of how things stand and what things look like. And everything will not be as it seems. It is always a matter of challenging her American worldview. We certainly have many forks along the way and many places to go. “

Has production started?

In May 2021, the cast shared a video of Emily in Paris An Instagram account announcing that they have returned for setup. Collins, Ashley Park (Mindy), Bravo, William Abadi (Antoine), Samuel Arnold (Julien), Leroy-Beaulieu, Bruno Guerry (Luke) and Camille Razat (Camille) appeared.

Production began for the first time in late April in the south of France, Star said Vanity Fair. “We took what is probably one of the most glamorous places in the world, the Cap Ferat Hotel on Four Seasons, where we stayed and took pictures,” he said. “The hotel was essentially closed, except for us. We had our writing room in a villa on the property, so it was actually surreal – then in France everything was closed. “

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Despite the pandemic’s significant impact on production, Star says COVID-19 itself will not appear on the show. “In the show’s chronology, it just hasn’t happened yet,” he told Vanity Fair.

Filming finally ended on August 4, 2021. To celebrate the occasion, Collins took a photo with his “partner in crime” Park.

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Will there be a more uncontrollable fashion?

Would it really be Emily in Paris if not? The new season we only filmed the day before we learned that season 2 has our Em in a range of increasingly alarming outfits, some of which look inspired by the ’60s. See some selections here.

And in early July paparazzi caught another shot of Collins, who was photographed in Paris, this time in a top with thin sleeves, a neon red mini skirt, a lemon green purse and a navy blue blazer. Don’t ask how long it takes fasten these heels.

Finally, in a set of new photos published by Netflix, we got the first official look at Emily’s new wardrobe this season. And leaves a lot to unpack.

Emily in Paris Season 2

I’m glad Em still loves his ruffles.


Emily in Paris Season 2

As always, she is a big fan of crazy prints.


Emily in Paris Season 2

It wouldn’t be Emily in Paris without a brightly colored coat.


Emily in Paris Season 2

And it looks like Emily is trying out a few new hairstyles this season. There are still no traces of the bucket, but we will keep you posted.


What can we expect from the new scenario?

IN interview with Cosmopolitan, Bravo hinted at the possibility of a strange relationship in the second season. He said the first season “planted a few seeds for different characters.” Here it becomes interesting: “Like Camille, when she kisses Emily on the mouth and she says, ‘I’m not sorry.’ And then when they’re in bed and I like the picture, it’s all small seeds, “he explained. “Anything can happen between the three of them. I think Darren wants this second season to be really open. “

In an interview s Vogue Great Britain, Collins said, “There are a lot of little moments where you’re like, ‘… Camille, do you like Emily?’ “You can’t get a real atmosphere and I feel that this ambiguity is what keeps Emily intrigued. I think everyone in this position would be like, you’re my friend, but now I have this romantic relationship [with Gabriel], and I don’t want to hurt you, but … Oh, my God! You know, it’s really confusing. I feel that next season will only create more drama for a love triangle, although maybe Emily will handle the situation a little better. “

Emily said in Season 1 that “I usually I prefer men. “Is there little room to mix things up, Em?”

The season 2 script may also include some flashbacks from Emily’s childhood. “The first season we only had ten episodes to really explore her new friends at work and who she meets outside of work, so I’m excited to dive deeper into these backgrounds and spend more time mixing the two groups of people.” which she meets, “Collins told Deadline. “Now that we’ve seen her with all this ‘Parisism,’ maybe we’ll get to a little more than her story and experience it with some of the other characters.”

Star also confirmed that Emily, whom we will meet in season 2, will have developed a certain maturity. “In season 2, she will be more part of the fabric of the world in which she lives. He will be a resident of the city soon, ” he told “She’ll step on the ground a little more.” She makes a living there. ”

Finally, in an interview with People, he is annoyed that this second season is “a far stronger season” than the first. Does this mean that Emily will be less of a nuisance to Americans? Only time will tell.

Who is new to the cast?

Lucien Laviscont will join the cast as another love interest in Emily – and could he be less Francophile than her? As reported by Deadline, Laviscount will join a recurring cast as Alfie, a Londoner who “refuses to speak French or immerse himself in French culture”. Wonderful! He seems to begin his relationship with Emily as an antagonist, while this inevitably becomes something enticing and sensual. He is a financial brother who works for a British bank and “unlike Emily, he works to live, not live to work. He would prefer to play football or have a drink with the boys in an English-language pub.

Continuing the thread of Emily in Paris relying on the absolutely insane, Netflix announced in May 2021 that Jeremy O. Harris and Arno Binard will be guests in the second season. An iconic playwright from Broadway, Harris will play a vague “iconic fashion designer,” while Binard will take on the “party” of a boy who owns the popular Saint Tropez nightclub. ”

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The star revealed to Vanity Fair that Harris’ role has grown since joining the cast. “The role was written and we sent it to him, and honestly, after he said yes, the role got a little bigger,” Starr said. “We got a little inspiration from him, so I wanted to bring him back and he played an important role later in the series.”

What’s next for Emily’s love life?

In an interview with DeadlineCollins said she didn’t know what came next for her crazy character’s romantic life, but she reminded us that Camille was still in the picture.

“I don’t know what they’re writing right now,” Collins said, “but I think it’ll be a little early for Emily to conclude something.” I think he’s still exploring the prospects. Honestly, I don’t think Emily even knows [what will happen], and that’s the beauty of the way they write the show. She has not yet found all the qualities she may be looking for. But, as the saying goes, she has that relationship with Gabriel, but now she has Camille in this love triangle, so I think she has more experiences, adventures to have, and she still finds herself.

Will Emily finally speak more French?

It sounds like she may be forced to learn more than a few words. “Because the show was originally made for an American network, I didn’t know how much French with subtitles the American audience would tolerate,” Starr said. Vanity Fair. “Knowing we’re reaching a global audience has a lot more subtitled content.”

Later, in an interview with People, he looked in detail at Emily’s language lessons: “I think she’s just going deeper into learning French and really struggling with the language in a way that she failed to do first in the first season because she really trying this season. “We’re proud of you, Em! Then let’s try to learn a little history, shall we?”

When will the new season come?

During Netflix’s first global fan event, TUDUM, the cast confirmed that the series will return on December 22. Watch below the new teaser clip-featuring the impressive views that Emily will view this season.

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