iOS 15 seems to have broken Stadia’s Streaming

Since it would be more difficult and almost unreasonable to expect to provide streaming services that comply with Apple App Store rules, many have found a solution and that is to make the streaming service available. compatible with Safari, Apple’s mobile browser. This means iOS device owners can stream games on their phones and developers don’t need to give in to Apple requirements.

It looks like a win-win situation, but unfortunately it seems to be better for Google Stadia, the recent iOS 15 seems to have broken it. According to see you on Reddit, the Stadia Community Manager shares that iOS 15 can make changes to make Stadia playable on iOS devices, as well as being able to fix the problem.

Typically, users need to make changes in Safari by going to Settings> Safari> Advanced> Appearance Settings and disabling “WebRTC Platform UDP Sockets”. It’s not clear if this will be permanent or if it’s just temporary, but it seems to be the latter because some users are reporting that they still have their game streams. Some also report that they see white whites while playing sports.

Not sure what exactly the problem is and if it’s a bug in Safari if Stadia needs to be repaired to ensure compatibility with iOS 15, but for now if you run into any issues , which means this is a potential upgrade you can see. in for now.

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