Jennifer Lopez wears Crop Top for a rehearsal for a Global Citizen live concert

Jennifer Lopez was preparing for her long-awaited performance at the Global Citizen Live festival this weekend, and she did another rehearsal on Friday in Central Park. The week ended with cooler weather in New York, so J.Lo chose the perfect outfit for a pop star from early fall when he came on stage.

Her appearance included a black top with matching leggings with knee-high boots, a form-fitting but comfortable ensemble that many women wore as they sipped their first pumpkin latte of the season. Above this, she threw on a leather Coach coat, which looks delightfully cozy.

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Later, Lopez had to drop his coat as he warmed up, practicing his dance choreography under the lights. Then she put on a flowing robe with a chic print:

jlo global civic festival

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The concert is promoted by Global Citizen, Rolling stone reports, an organization that works in principle to end extreme poverty by 2030. This event is part of a one-year effort to end COVID-19 and calls on governments and philanthropists to “start an equal global recovery”.

The performances take place around the world for 24 hours and in addition to J.Lo, the show features Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Billy Isle, Stevie Wonder, Sean Mendes and BTS. It was Lopez added to the band in August, and she also recently played Vax Live: The concert to unite the world in Los Angeles, which is manufactured by Global Citizen to raise money for doses of vaccines designed for healthcare professionals around the world.

J.Lo was on stage during a rehearsal with Ja Rule and LL Cool J and going through songs like her hits “Dinero” and “Ain’t it Funny”.

You can catch the concert on the official 24-hour live stream, available online for free at Global Citizen website,,

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