Launching MetroSpeedy guarantees $ 5 million in seed financing

MetroSpeedy has secured a delivery startup based in New York $ 5 million in seed financing to expand the last mile delivery platform.

The seed financing round was led by the AddVenture Fund and involved the participation of strategic investors such as TMT Investments, TA Ventures, Joint Journey, Fores Investments and Vershina Capital. Max Medvedev, founding partner of the AddVenture Fund, said about the company’s involvement:

“Implementing MetroSpeedy in the last mile delivery space has been exemplary. Especially during the closure, they have shown why they are an essential service to New York City residents and business owners. An environmentally friendly approach, dedication to service quality and the best technology make them an essential partner for any business with last-mile logistics needs. I’m proud of their support, and I’m looking forward to working with Nancy. “

Startup was created in 2019 to provide companies with efficient, effective and reliable same-day delivery to businesses. It does this by developing specialized software and services, combined with multiple micro-compliance locations, that ensure fast order fulfillment.

This approach has allowed the startup to grow steadily over the years, which has led to its presence in the market and the protection of the environmentally friendly electric vehicle. CEO Nancy Korayim mentioned this success by saying the following:

“MetroSpeedy has been profitable from the first year we’ve been in business to a steady year of growth and a significant increase over 2020. We are proud of the achievements and support of our investors. This seed financing will help us meet faster demand by boosting proprietary technology platforms and infrastructure. we have to help them grow in additional markets. The best will come; we have an exciting consumer on the horizon. “

MetroSpeedy will channel new funding to drive the development of its proprietary technology, create new compliance centers, expand into new markets, and gain additional talent. The recent pandemic underscores the need to provide effective systems delivery the startup is ready for the next phase of growth, taking advantage of the growing demand for the solutions it offers.

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