MIT’s new research center wants to connect people to machines

According to Coalition for amputees,, Approximately 185,000 amputations occur in the United States each year, and 3.6 million people will live with limb loss by 2050. These are figures that cannot be ignored, and MIT now plans to do something about it.

Their solution is straight from a science fiction film with the proposal to mix people with machines to deal with amputations and other physical and neurological injuries. The the newly formed MIT Research Center is called the K. Lisa Yang Bionics Center and was created thanks to a $ 24 million donation from philanthropist Lisa Yang.

“The Lisa Jan Bionics Center will provide a dynamic center for scientists, engineers and designers at MIT to work together on revolutionary responses to the challenges of people with disabilities,” said MIT President L. Rafael Reif. said in a statement. Rafe added that with this visionary gift, Ian sends a signal to the world that the lives of people with disabilities are very important.

The center will be run by none other than Hugh Herr, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical Laboratory who is himself a double amputated and a leader in robotic prosthetics. Herr said in a statement that “the world is in deep need of relief from the damage caused by today’s non-existent or broken technologies.”

The scientist added that we must constantly work for a future in which disability is no longer an ordinary life experience.

Herr will work with Ed Boyden, E. Tan’s professor of neurotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, professor of biological engineering, brain and cognitive sciences, and media arts and sciences, and researcher at the McGovern Institute and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. of brain analysis and control tools.

If all this sounds a little familiar, it is because attempts to merge the mind with external factors have become quite common in the last few years. Elon Musk’s neurolink is seeks to merge minds with computers and more and more man and machine collaborations arise. The future may even see this fusion of machines with humans, which goes beyond just dealing with disabilities to make us more superhuman, to give us superior strength and intelligence. Are you excited about the future?

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