Three-Party Apps Cannot Take Full Advantage Of The iPhone 13’s 120Hz Display

With launch of the iPhone 13, Apple has already brought its ProMotion display to its iPhones. It’s usually a motivating way to say that the current iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models have 120Hz refresh rates, similar to many Android handset makers have been making for a while now.

Sadly, we have to destroy our hope. Because as it turns out, the third party can’t take full advantage of the rapid renewal of the rates. It is found that, for the third program, their images are held at 60Hz, the same update as the older iPhones and the cheaper iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 phones.

ProMotion kicks in when there is scrolling included and when your entire conversion is happening, but in any case, the animations close at 60Hz. That means you can scroll through an app and enjoy seamless free updates, but because you click on another part of the app and those images seem a little bit watery, it results in a very turbulent experience.

Surprisingly it seems that these limitations apply to the iPad Pro which has had a 120Hz display since 2017. It has been suggested that this may be due to the battery where Apple may be trying to increase its strong, but hopefully this is something they will be able to discuss in the future.

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