10 beauty tips from Venus Williams in less than 5 minutes

There aren’t many idols from my childhood that I can constantly look at from the early 90’s until today. (In fact, in most cases it was just the opposite.) Although when I was a year old Venus Williams became a professional at the age of 14 … casual– in 1994 I grew up watching her, applauding her and wishing my terrible game of tennis to get even closer to the moves and deviations I saw how skillfully he made on the court. (Spoiler: there are people who should never own, let alone hold a tennis racket, and I’m one of those people!)

Williams may be one of the most talented and celebrated tennis players of all time – she currently holds 75 championships and has had one of the longest careers in tennis history – but she has managed to surpass her athletic legacy by imposing her influence. with entrepreneurial endeavors. who are smart, empowering and intentionally. In other words, she doesn’t just stick her name on something just because she can.

While Williams has founded many cool brands like Happy Viking-vegetable protein line and V Page-interior design company based in South Florida, she isctivewear label EleVen by Venus Williamsand more specifically, the SPF beauty collection within that label, which makes me great, super jazz. (After all, I’m a beauty editor!) With three star formulas under my belt – sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen – we talked to the athlete and the founder to find out what it was like to enter the beauty space, what she is excited about product development and devoting to routine beauty, and much more. Keep scrolling to get to know Venus Williams and get a closer look at its product range.

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