15 gifts for new moms to pamper and spoil on Mother’s Day

While it’s exciting to receive gifts that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself, let’s be real: if you’re a new mom, you’d probably want some help! Most of us would agree that asking for help is easier said than done. So I have completed the list of gifts new mothers who could use his hand.

Each of these gift ideas is intended to provide non-judgmental support. I encourage all friends, partners, neighbors and intermediaries to think about how they can offer a new hand or a thoughtful gift to a new mother.

It can be as easy as passing clothes to pick up a mountain to wash clothes, leave some food, give a home-cooked meal, or offer an hour-long schedule for a forbidden wind session.

Whatever you choose to gift a new mom in your life, remember that there are always simple things that go a long way! Continue reading to discover 10 gifts that will pamper and spoil you.

Confirmation cards

Give your new mom in your life all the encouragement they need with these thoughtful cards. Remind them that they need to embrace motherhood with open opportunities and joy, that they need to face each day with positive and bright energy.

It’s my favorite set Fourth TrimesterMama on Etsy. The warm and vibrant beads on the back of 20 affirmation cards (printed on the front and back) hold 40 attractive messages to confirm new mothers and remind them that motherhood is rocking. In addition, these boards allow women to have a positive postpartum experience.

Instead of advising babies to sleep at night, they will be reminded that they love their wonderful mother and babies. No one will question their eating choices. Instead, they are reminded that motherhood is not competition. Unless they are told how to lose weight, they will be reminded of how amazing the body is for giving birth, feeding and protecting the baby. That’s the positivity every new mom needs.

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Love Coups Coupon Book

If you are a friend or partner of a new mom, this is for you. Create a coupon book With tasks you are willing to take on, make sure your mother has time to rest. In addition to helping prepare the meal, take the clothes and come back clean and folded until you get there. Get creative!

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W&P Porter glass water bottle

Being hydrated as a new mom is very important and especially if you are breastfeeding. To maintain a proper supply, your inputs must be the same as your output. New mothers do 20 to 40 oz of breast milk anywhere a day, so naturally, your body will need more fluid along with its daily intake without breastfeeding, which is about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) per day for women.

Giving a new mother a bottle of water will help them remember to stay hydrated. Make sure the dishwasher is safe, let’s say the mother has enough to clean it. Glass water bottles offer a chic and ecological option. Porter these water bottles they are made of durable, lightweight glass and wrapped in a protective silicone mat. For use, it is an eco-friendly and stylish substitute for plastic or metal dining. Best of all, the dishwasher is safe and BPA free.

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Storq Sitz Bath Soak

I am obsessed Soak the Sitz bath. Ideal for recovery, this thoughtful blend of all natural ingredients is designed to immediately relieve post-natal discomfort. In fact, this soothing soak is perfect for all new moms who are adjusting to their new life.

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Lunya Silk Cleaning Monopoly

Make sure you don’t leave your home often for at least the first 30 days after giving birth and try to nap whenever you can. Being in your PJ all day doesn’t create a bit of inspiration, so why not gift your grandmother a new high-top outfit. I love it right now Lunya Washable-Silk Double V Jumpsuit. This transitional luxury piece has a double V silhouette with a party on the back and on the front of the party, with the detail of the full-body front seam, which gives it an elegant edge. Oh, and since silk is washable, you can throw it directly into the machine with everything else.

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Mate the Label Terry Raglan Organic Sweatshirt

I am very much in love with my sweat MATE label. MATE is an essential clean brand made in a sustainable way in Los Angeles, with toxic, natural and organic materials. There are so many chic colors to choose from, but I went with “Bone”. Use BRANDY20 20% discount!

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Source Laurie Button Down

Being a former stylist, my professional opinion is that you can never go wrong classic white button. They are very easy to breastfeed and you can easily tie them with sweat for a quick Zoom encounter.

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Glamsquad pampering session

Let’s face it, in those first few weeks (and months) it’s hard enough to shower and even less wash your hair, so bring the salon home to your new mom. She can choose her hair cut, burst or make-up, which she wants to pamper her heart.

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Group Coaching Session

The transition to motherhood is one of the biggest life changes you will ever make. Sometimes that transition can be unexpected and you need a little help to get that going. Why not offer your new mother the chance to get that help? Sign up free coach consultation and give them resources for team coaches to share with other new moms on the trip.

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Rose Quartz Eye Mask from Sephora Collection

When you are in childbirth all sorts of mimes are a must and a pink quartz crystal mask will help your loved one breathe. I recommend storing it in the fridge; so acting will help him relax, but the fresh stones will calm his tired and swollen eyes.

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Glossier The Skincare Edit

It’s easy to let skin care fly out the window while juggling a newborn, but this kit will help nourish your skin. All the ingredients are gentle and nourishing, which is what her tender skin needs at the moment because the proliferation of new hormones can cause fractures. It contains cleanser, moisturizing serum, rich moisturizer, balm of all values, facial oil and tiara.

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COS Silk Neck Scarf

Having a light cloth available is essential. It helps to cover up milk stains when they happen to be unavoidable, but they are perfect for covering dirty hair or even giving a little to the simplest clothes for leisure. No one will think twice about running to the store wearing pajamas when you wear a nice scarf around your neck. Make sure it’s long enough to be functional, like this wonderful COS silk scarf.

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Supergoop Tropical Lip Shield SPF 30 Set

The dry environment of the hospital often has dry lips, making this set of three lipsticks high in antioxidants perfect for a new mom. He can throw one in a diaper bag, in his purse, and one on his desk, for easy access. Also having SPF 30 sun protection makes it a prerequisite when running with your little one outside.

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Pipette To Mama With Love Gift Set

This beautiful curator made especially for new mothers, has a relaxing sulfate-free body wash, a comfortable cream with the scent of citrus derived from plants and an extra rich belly butter to nourish and hydrate. Clean, non-toxic and EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified.

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Aesop Resurrection Duet

A lot of hand washing happens after the new baby. Help the Aesop Resurrection couple become a luxury experience with a superb ultra-chic look. It’s always the set you dream of buying, but it can be hard to justify whitewashing yourself. Now your hands can wash and nourish the hard work with a wonderful formula that smells of citrus, wood and the smell of herbs.

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This message was originally posted on April 12, 2021 and has been updated ever since.

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