99% efficiency lithium recovery technology is earning $ 150 million

We have discussed in the past paradox of clean electric vehicles and the dirty lithium mining business. LLithium mining has severe consequences for the environment, making the electric vehicle business not as clean as it could be

Now, climate-friendly engineers in Silicon Valley are looking for a new and more sustainable way to extract the ingredient that is so key to developing batteries for electric vehicles. Lilac Solutions, a lithium recovery technology company, announced this week the first completion of $ 150 million in B-Series funding for a new technology that speeds up the recovery of lithium and makes it greener.

“Electric vehicles are a low-carbon success story, but the lithium raw materials needed for the batteries have become a major hurdle,” said Dave Snydaker, CEO of Lilac Solutions. “The lithium industry is plagued by technical and environmental problems that put the energy transition at risk. Lilac technology solves these problems and will finally enable the production of lithium on the scale needed for the energy transition.

Lilac Solutions’ new technology drastically reduces the amount of soil and fresh water needed to extract lithium from continental brines, and investors say the product is 10,000 times faster than the competition.

One key aspect of the new technology is that it allows brine to be returned underground after lithium recovery, which effectively reduces the negative impact on the environment compared to existing lithium-based evaporation pond production methods.

According to CNBC,, Lilac Solutions CEO and founder Dave Snydaker said the new technology could extract as much lithium from a one-acre system as the traditional method would get from a 10,000-acre facility with an evaporation pond.

Technology could not have come at a better time than US President Joe Biden has set ambitious goals for half of all new passenger car sales in the United States to be electric by 2030

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