Agtech Startup Intelinair secures $ 20 million in the Series B financing round

Intelinair, an Indianapolis-based agtech startup, has announced $ 20 Series B round to expand aerial image analysis capabilities.

The shift was led by Regulator Group, with the participation of SDMC Ag Inc, Scientia Ventures and Takiff LLC. Angel investors with senior positions in the agricultural and artificial intelligence (AI) industry also joined. Bill Wisialowski, a managing director of the Regulator Group, said the full funding raised from the $ 24.5 million start-up of the new capital was about the company’s stake:

“Intelinair has left us in awe of the use of AI intelligence to drive the ag intelligence revolution. Intelinair provides key agronomic insights to growers, a $ 15 billion option, but identifies viable options and provides tools to facilitate decarbonization of the planet and promote sustainability and efficiency of food supply, which is a global imperative. We are excited to lead the Serie B round and support Intelinair in the next phase of its evolution. “

Founded in 2015, Intelinair aims to leverage AI and machine learning to create crop performance models that will help identify problems to help farmers in the decision-making process. Its main product, AGMRI, collects and analyzes data from high-resolution aerial, satellite, equipment, weather, drone imagery and exploration, sending key instructions directly to farmers ’smartphones. Al Eisaian, CEO and founder of Intelinair, described the advantages of the platform as follows:

“American farmers work very hard every day to produce nutritious and affordable food. At the same time, farmers face many challenging factors. Intelinair’s AGMRI crop health and intelligence platform leverages modern artificial intelligence technology to actively monitor and alert to problems before they become problems for our farmers to steal profits and generate losses. ”

The agtech startups believe that the application of new technologies such as AI and automated development will take the agricultural industry to the next level, benefiting producers and consumers in the long run.

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