Camilla Cabello and Sean Mendes kissed at the Global Citizen live concert

Sean Mendes and Camilla Cabello gave at the Global Citizen Live concert what they refused to give American Music Awards and MTV MMA: an actual kiss during their performance “Senorita”. The two were filmed with a passionate moment on stage in Central Park.

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Sean Mendes and Camilla Cabello at the live concert for the global citizen

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Taylor Swift will be so pleased, especially after her reaction after the performance of the American Music Awards “Senorita”:

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Mendes and Cabello have been dating for more than two years. In December, Mendes open about how he was loved by his girlfriend in an interview for SiriusXM hits 1‘s Celebrity Session.

He said: “She is completely all or nothing. And I think that’s something I wasn’t at the beginning of our relationship. And I think a lot of people might be afraid to be everyone, because if you’re all inside, then it hurts. The blow hurts so much more if it’s over, you know? But she really teaches me that if we have a life and don’t have much time here, it could be anything if you’re in love with someone and you’re there. And I learned that every day. She is so patient with me, especially when I’m stressed or something seems to me. She will write to me. And if I had ever just been bitten by her, she would have said, “It’s all right. I love you. No matter what I love you, no matter what. And it’s like, it’s real strength, patience and love. But it’s amazing. It’s like a movie. “

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