The 5 best autumn fashion trends chosen by a stylist

I always turn to celebrity stylist Danny Michelle for her perception of focused but wearable trends, in which she regularly dresses her clients as Kendall Jenner. These are really just outfits that I strive to wear, and I draw so much inspiration from the look that she shapes. I recently talked to the stylist to make her understand the biggest autumn trends in charging,, modern foundations, which she recommends to all her clients, and cool denim trends that will take over in 2021. With the mind falling, I also wanted to know how she feels about the new seasonal trends she is most excited about, and we will see her clients dressed.

Here I highlight the trends that Danny Michelle is lagging behind this season, from the cool way to wear suits now to the silhouette of the shoes to buy. Check out the top five stylist trends to add to your wardrobe this season.

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