Your digital twin knows you’re burnt out

Trung Tran he is an entrepreneur in an extraordinary series. The ideas for its products have generated billions in revenue. Previously, he served as a captain in the United States Air Force. This is his latest project – the artificial intelligence wellness solution that creates your digital twin. The app tracks your emotional, mental and physical health. Artificial intelligence allows the app to assess whether or not it works for you. Based on your personal well-being needs, the app suggests how you should adjust your exercise, sleep, water intake, etc. to what works best for your body. This is the new limit to personalized well-being.

“Digital twins are your reflection,” the AI ​​expert explained. “Our professional baseball players often get hurt, so we advise recovery. We look at their physical, mental and emotional state for about five minutes a day. Then we’ll give them a list of suggestions on what they need to do to optimize their performance.”

The path to personal well-being

Grit Daily tested the thrust behind Amplio. “People don’t know how to interpret their data or what to do, but people strive for well-being. Amplio usually represents where you are (your baseline), then we represent the changes you need to make to work properly. There are many rules for well-being to drink a liter of water a day, sleep for eight hours, and so on, but they don’t make sense for everyone. But there is more than one path to well-being: it’s about what you can commit to. ”

These incremental improvements and regular boosts are what people need to stay motivated. The effort required is the goal. Often, people come out with their unrealistic expectations. Tran calls this the “January-February effect”. Grit Daily asked him to explain more: “People are going to the new year thinking they will lose 100 pounds a month. Then they burn out and give up when they don’t meet an unrealistic goal. Amplio offers incremental steps to show that you are improving. That encourages people to keep going. ”

Advice for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship seems fascinating. However, those who have created a startup or started a retail store know that most days are harder than you might think. As a serial entrepreneur, Tran has tremendous advisors to the creators. “With startups, there will be ups and downs. In general things will not go as planned. The path of entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster ride – you have to be prepared for ups and downs. ”

The entrepreneurial mindset cannot be underestimated. Burnout appears in many forms – which is why Amplio creates a digital twin to monitor and evaluate the whole person. Following advice from other creators, Tran added, “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution. Always move forward. Don’t get excited or think it could be done better. There are a lot of things you can’t control.”

Amplio is there today fundraising. With just one week to go before the campaign, they are already at 480% of the target. Asked about his experience securing investments, Tran’s response was quite common for any founder. “There’s nothing fun about raising money. It’s like fast dating. You need to prepare yourself for a lot of condemnation. They’re all ready to tell you how you’re going to fail when you try to do something innovative. ”

There is not much time left to invest with Tran in this round, but you can tune in to our podcast at any time!

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