3 Ways to Improve the Screen Saver of Your Android TV

If you’re using an Android TV, you probably already have a Home screen setup with pre -installed apps and ways you watch it often. But if you want to change this, as well as the way the software works on your home behavior, you can do this easily because of the flexibility of the Android operating system. Here I am going to tell you how to customize the home screen of your Android TV.

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Customize the Home screen of your Android TV

You can customize the tracks that appear on the screen of your TV and you can also reorder them to come up with what you like. Follow the steps below to upgrade your entire TV.

Improving roads

1. Turn on your Android TV and on the home screen click on the level bar (cog) on ​​the far right.

2. Now, from the menu, select “Application Ideas”.

3. On the next page, scroll down to “Home Screen” and scroll up.

4. Now, you will see many features of the curtain house that you can change.

5. The first is “Customize Channels” and when you click on it, you will see different channels to watch on your TV.

Now you can turn off the “Play Good” feature for these methods. For example, in the case of YouTube, you can choose which tabs you want to play on your screen. You can choose from practices, subscriptions, and suggestions.

Convert / Delete Video or Audio Previews

1. Next, you can turn on or off the video and listen first.

2. Just go back to the main Home screen settings, and under the Channels section, turn on / off the icons next to them.

Redirect Apps or Games

Apart from these two conditions, you can also re -stream programs and games on your TV.

1. On the Home screen settings page, scroll down to the Apps section and under this, click on “Upgrade Apps”.

2. Next, you see all the programs installed on your TV. You can click on that app you want to upgrade.

3. Then click that program you want to change this. That is, your first selected app will change settings with the new app you selected.

Also, you can do this for games as well.

And it’s all about how to customize your Android TV screen. For more smart TV cuts and tricks, stay tuned!

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