Apple is making a third version of the iPhone Screen to make it even more sophisticated

Apparently an insult to right-to-rehabilitate people and rehabilitate communities, Apple has more than ever pushed for the iPhone’s screen launch, especially when you’re just buying the new iPhone 13.

According to the video posted by Phone Upgrade Guru he found out that if you lock / change the display of your iPhone 13 by the store a third time not authorized by Apple, it doesn’t matter if your parts are genuine. because the Face ID will eventually be removed.

This suggests that not only is the use of facts, but there is still another step in the recovery that only upgrade stores are allowed to ensure that Face ID will work after the screen is re -tested. . This is shown in the video above which shows that despite using a real Apple display, the phone will now warn the user that they are not using a real display.

It is noted in the video that it can be spent working on converting chips, but it also says that because of the complexity involved, most repair shops may not do so.

And what does this mean? This means that if your iPhone 13 model is crashed or damaged and you need to repair or replace it, your only “option” is to send it to Apple or one of the company’s affiliates. .

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