Apple Says All Apps Can Use The iPhone 13’s 120Hz Refresh Rate

According to a report from a few days ago, it seems that some developers are aware of their programs The iPhone 13’s new 120Hz power rating hasn’t been fully utilized. This led to suspicion that Apple launched the team to help save battery life, but as it has happened, that is not the case.

In a supporting document posted on his website, Apple states that all apps can use the 120Hz reset rate on the iPhone 13, and they still need to opt in. Contrary to the iPad Pro it doesn’t need to update apps to use the 120Hz display, but this may be due to the iPad Pro’s large battery life.

The paper also shows what photographers can expect from the 120Hz display, there is an update rate which means it is not always fixed at 120Hz and it is not a bad thing. can be enforced by developers, so they should be aware of it when they. retest their programs.

Apple has also confirmed that it has a glitch affecting some images that rely on Core Animation and is preparing an upgrade. At the moment, there is nothing customers can do but wait and hope that the developers of their favorite apps will update their apps to take advantage of the new price tag.

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