Apple TV Features A MagSafe Mount That Can Wirelessly Charge The Charger

Photo map – Iván Antón

According to the top boxes, the Apple TV is small and unobtrusive and can be hidden when needed. But, can the Apple TV’s picture be improved? We think so, and that’s something to design Ivana Anetone has tried to do it with his own idea of ​​the Apple TV.

In his opinion, Antón sees the Apple TV as having a built -in wall mount right inside. This will allow the Apple TV to be placed directly inside the wall, thus saving users the need for an additional cable power supply to the HDMI cable used by the device. This makes it a far cry from the current schedule.

However, what we think might be a sell -off here is how Antón incorporates a built -in MagSafe charger into the Apple TV itself. By building MagSafe into the Apple TV itself, it will allow users to use the Siri Remote wirelessly. It will also be a good place for users to store and install the remote when not in use so it doesn’t have to change.

This is a very attractive solution compared to the currently set up that still relies on charging cables for the Siri Remote. That being said, this is an issue because so don’t raise your hopes by seeing the truth come to fruition any time soon, or after all.

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