iPad Mini 6 Users Report ‘Jelly Scrolling’ Display Issues

After years of what felt like being ignored, it looks like the Apple iPad is finally get the necessary updates to the company that action two weeks ago. The board has since started being shipped to avid customers, but some of them have realized that the board has a problem with its appearance.

According to reports, consumers are experiencing a “jelly scrolling” effect where one part of the iPad mini display appears to update faster compared to the other. As a result, this creates a shaking in the center of the curtain, such as being shaken by a cherry when you shake it.

Apparently this may have affected more than just a few units because according to one 9to5Mac reader, they told the press when they took their iPad mini back to the Apple Store to instead, they received all the unit demos shown. it was the same thing. This disclosure is not a problem limited to just a few unsatisfied customer hands.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn also reports that his unit has been affected by the same problem and has shared a video on Twitter showing it. It’s not sure if it’s a programmable tool, but expect it to be a software problem because it means the software patch should be able to fix it.

File c Apu >Table. Read more about iPad ma iPad Small. Source: 9to5mac

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