Jake Gyllenhaal and his baby pink tuxedo won the weekend


Jake Gyllenhaal

Two weeks ago, Jake D was doing a master class White suit September. This weekend, at the Tony Awards, he was positively glowing in a light pink tuxedo (with a camerbund!). Pink sewing is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re interested, notice how deliberate everything is here: roomy, deeply torn pants and a jacket with a super relaxed natural shoulder. If you’re going to try something a little crazy, you’ll want it to fit perfectly.

John Phillips

Alton Mason

We love Tabi fit with split fingers.

Gareth Catermall

Daniel Craig

Craig finally – finally! – returns to the promotion of the new Bond film. It turned out that he still knew how to do this thing.

Arthur Holmes

Andrew Garfield

Exciting elegant radiance of brown on a tan of brown.

Arthur Holmes

Jeremy O. Harris

Large boots, baggy pants, shirt of choice: red carpet mode, get involved.

Stephanie Keenan

Shaka King

Not quite a suit, but definitely not a boring everyday business. I keep notes.

Arnold Yerotsky

Evan Mock

Masterful proportions here: the sweater is slightly cropped, which makes flowing pants look even cooler than they already look.

Jeff Curry

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

Why do old dogs need new tricks again? The old tricks rule.

Bruce Glicas

Tom Sturridge

At some point, why would not are you calling Tom Brown for your red carpet?

Taylor Hill

Michael Gandolfini

The sopranos have their own stylistic heritage, but on a recent screening of Many saints from Newark, Gandolfini, the younger, borrows from a different Italian sartorial tradition: he looks hellishly ill in a double-breasted suit.

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