Pretty Bras 2021: Bracelet, balcony, facial style

If you are someone who is proud of every layer of your clothing – and we mean everyone layer – you can connect with the desire to make sure that each piece of the ensemble feels special, be it the oily softness of suitable tracksuit or the perfect accessory to complete the look (hello, croissant bags). And then, of course, there is the basis of all this, the first thing that many of us slip into in the morning: bras.

Bras can serve a dual purpose. They provide support, above all, but the details they can add to everyday wear should not be overlooked. Fun ornaments like lace or bright colors are sometimes designed to be seen, whether it’s under a light camera or peeking out of a sexy blazer. But even when it’s just for the wearer’s eyes, a gorgeous bra can make the outfit feel more special.

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