Samsung Galaxy S21 FE May Not Start Last At All

Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 FE. The company was hoping to follow up with the Galaxy S21 FE this year, but now that doesn’t seem to be happening, though we think Samsung might not be too happy with it.

According to a report from the Korean publication Every day, it seems that Samsung may have canceled their plans to launch the Galaxy S21 FE this year for two reasons: the global financial situation and because Galaxy Z Flip 3 has sold better than Samsung had planned.

As a result, Samsung seems to be trying to focus more on its foldable and also prioritize its features, with the Galaxy S21 FE just as honest as the re -launch of the the company’s start -up company was announced earlier this year.

The fate of the Galaxy S21 FE hasn’t been clear for some time since production reports have been reported causing the delay, and now it looks like it may be canceled as well. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything, if you’re looking at the phone, don’t despair.

However, the event was supposed to announce the device was rumored for October, so we need to know quickly if that’s still happening.

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