Second Life Podcast: Amy Smilovich

Tibi is the best brand for cool girls in New York. Known for its seamlessly elegant silhouettes and modern, clean design, Tibi has established itself as a brand that goes beyond clothing. This is due to its careful founder and creative director Amy Smilovich. In 1997, Smilovic released Tibi while living in Hong Kong, and it was only a matter of time before Tibi proved to be a key player in the fashion industry, attracting the attention of major retailers such as Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus. Then, in 2010, Smilovic took a big risk: she decided to completely redesign and rethink the brand to bring it into line with her current aesthetics and feelings. Too often, fashion brands can be so caught up in outside influence by buyers and customers that they lose their original vision and ethos, which Smilovic refuses to allow Tibi. Thus, her risk is transformed into a reward.

With a newfound emphasis on what Smilovic calls “creative pragmatism” in thought and style, she successfully rotated the 180-degree mark. In fact, during the pandemic, Smilovic launched the IG Live Style Class, where he spoke with this design and Tibi’s DNA, eventually encouraging dedicated followers. After 24 years, Tibi is bigger than ever, at the forefront of the industry and housed reputable retailers such as Intermix and Net-a-Porter in addition to its own e-commerce platform. While Smilovic has impressively built an authentic fashion brand, the Georgia-born actually began her career in advertising and marketing at well-known companies such as Ogilvy and American Express.

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