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MTHRSHP MEGA: A heavenly odyssey

Every beauty lover knows that the holiday season brings some of the best makeup collections. And while we missed the holiday parties a lot last year, Pat McGrath Labs made up for it. Mother is playing Santa Claus this year by giving us Mthrship Mega: Celestial Odyssey & Holiday Collection just in time for all your holiday dinners.

The collection covers all your foundations, from shimmery eye shadows, bold blush and moisturizing lip balms. The star of the show is the new palette Mthrship Mega: Celestial Odyssey Palette ($ 78), which boasts 18 different colors and finishes as a velvety matte, flowing and foil metallic. Pat McGrath palettes are desirable for their creamy texture and intense color payouts, and this festive edition includes shades such as deep chocolate brown, emerald green and soft pink and lavender.

“I created every shade to achieve the perfect balance between high artistry and everyday wear,” McGrath said in a press release. “This is the perfect palette for both beginners and those who like to experiment with a different look. Just stunning for everyone!”

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If you want eye shadows on the go, there are Luxe Quads ($ 54), which feature four different shades and finishes from the Celestial Odyssey palette. To emphasize with high power, slide the latest shade of Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter in Lunar Nude, pearl shiny powder. Round off the Divine Blush + Glow Trio collection ($ 52), which includes two shades of pink and coral blush and highlighter, and the Limited Edition Lust: Luxe Lip Balm ($ 25) in pink and nude for hydrated lips with a hint of color.

The new Pat McGrath drops are known to sell out quickly, so mark your calendar for September 24 when the Mthrship Mega: Celestial Odyssey palette is available, followed by the rest of the collection on September 30 at

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