The best cosmetics according to Jen Atkin

“From an early age, I’m obsessed with the idea of ​​transforming someone,” Atkin said. “I love how hair care, makeup or skin makes you feel better immediately.” I couldn’t agree more. I have always metabolized beauty as a form of self-care. It allows me to express myself in ways that words cannot articulate, and it helps me feel more confident in my skin. “I think it’s important to invest in tools that will help you maintain health and shine, which makes us all feel better in the morning,” Atkin tells me. “And whatever you do, don’t crack that pimple!”

As for the products they give you young looking skin, Atkin’s idea is NuFace. “Professional microcurrent treatments can cost several hundred dollars per session, so this device at home is a great one-time investment for radiant skin. As a new mother, it’s a game change when I only have a few minutes to dedicate to self-care between meals. to my son and jumping to Zoom meetings. ”What else can you find in stock in Atkin’s bathroom toilet? Keep scrolling for 17 of her favorite cosmetics. BRB – I send messages to my friends about each of them.

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