The launch of the software generally raises the net $ 1 million in pre-grown funding

General Lattice, a Chicago-based software launcher, has risen One million dollars Through a Pre-Seed Financing Round to develop CAD software solutions for the manufacturing industry. The turn was led by All Points Ventures LLC, a strategic investment company for All Points Logistics LLC.

This funding will enable the launch to accelerate various initiatives involving R&D, federal and commercial expansions and those related to the discovery and integration of advanced network geometries. Nick Flower, General Manager of Lattice, said about the shift:

“We have the support of a proven partner in the process. All Points continues to expand our best practices based on government procurement for more than 20 years and will enable us to create an environment for passionate innovators in the computational design and digital manufacturing industry. “

Founded in 2018 with the goal of becoming a leader in the additive manufacturing industry by developing CAD software solutions to support manufacturing businesses, the company has achieved great success by providing an innovative and efficient approach.

In recent years, General Lattice has focused on expanding its U.S. customer base and developing parametric design tools to facilitate networking processes. The launch has also secured an R&D contract with the U.S. Army Command Center for the Development of Combat Skills (DEVCOM SC).

This contract requires the launch of a new type of 3D printed combat helmet that offers better energy absorption compared to conventional helmets. The rise of 3D printing the interest of manufacturers has been growing to realize its potential, and companies like Relativity Space have come up with rockets for 3D printing.

Now, the software launch aims to take advantage of the growing popularity of these solutions by providing software that is capable of running specific prediction models that allow new technology applications to emerge over the next decade.

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