The Space Tech Startup Isotropic System has closed its $ 37 million Series B funding round

Isotropic Systems, a UK-based space technology startup, closes $ 37 million Series B funding round for the development of broadband terminal transformer technologies.

The final round of financing was led by the world’s first listed space technology fund, with the participation of strong strategic investors such as Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC, AEI HorizonX, Promus Ventures and Firmament Ventures. The launch also includes the support of leading strategic investors in the industry including the SES and the UK Government. James Bruegger, investment manager at the Seraphim Space Investment Trust, said of the company’s participation in the round:

“We believe that Isotropic Systems has a technology that will help unlock great growth potential in the satellite communications market. We are pleased that we are strengthening our support for this wonderful business as it is at a critical stage in development.”

The startup currently has offices in the UK and US to support the satellite industry, developing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand of the industry. With this new investment, Isotropic Systems will drive the development of its technology since its first product line was launched in 2022. John Finney, founder and director of Isotropic Systems, said of the following plans:

“The high interest we have received in the industry has given us the confidence to accelerate our growth plans and launch our new innovative terminals, taking advantage of the potential of thousands of new satellites launched across multiple orbits last year.”

The goal is to become a leader space technology at a time when the industry continues to create new use cases, reducing costs, improving efficiency and harnessing the potential of the latest developments in the technology sector, such as radio frequency optics.

Through radio frequency optical technology, high-performance multi-link antennas can be connected to multiple satellites without affecting the performance of each that revolutionizes the global satellite ecosystem in different markets like government, defense, business, aerospace and the sea.

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