WhatsApp Payments can instantly offer Customers Cashback

In China, WeChat is thriving not just a messenger messenger, but a platform for companies and individuals to conduct business, allowing users to send money to each other, play games, and more. . That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise that Facebook-owner WhatsApp is trying to come up with something similar.

The company launches its WhatsApp Payments Back in 2020 and now that it looks like a bid to attract more users to use, the company may be ready to offer cashback for the use of its services. According to the report from WABetaInfo received information in the next picture.

It seems that after using WhatsApp Payment, the cashback will be given back to the users in the next 48 hours. Given that it looks like it’s in beta, not much is known about it. Also, as noted by the publication, this category appears to be limited to UPI Payments for now, so it is uncertain whether other foundations will be eligible, or whether they will be modeled. even with UPI Pay in advance.

We should point out now, WhatsApp Payments are limited to India and Brazil. We’re not sure if there are any plans to eventually expand the service to other parts of the world, but mobile space is highly competitive and trying to break into other established markets may prove difficult.

File c Wide. Read more about Whatsapp. Source: wabetainfo

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