3 Home Welfare Routines with Infrared Heat

Infrared heat is one of those magical things that opens everything up: your muscles and joints, your mind, and somehow your core of emotions. One of those well-deserved investments in well-being at home is a way to get into the infrared: you can design a routine around spiritual restoration, physical liberation, or uninterrupted forty-five-minute sweating.


Sweat Session


The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3. The sauna is the magic of infrared, except instead of making an appointment to get into a warm little room, you just have to fold it up in this huge heater at home. It feels better than we thought. And it’s very simple: you just have to dress up (more information below), warm up the blanket and tuck yourself into the folds. There are nine heat levels; start low and adjust as you go. Then melt with the power of infrared heat — mostly the tourmaline, amethyst, and charcoal layers of the blanket — for forty-five minutes.

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 goop, $ 500

    Infrared Sauna Blanket V3
    goop, $ 500


What to wear:

Long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and thick calf socks. Coverage has two purposes: First, it will protect you. While the sauna blanket uses infrared heat, it warms the body from the inside out, still warming you up when you touch it, especially around your lower legs and feet. Second, the clothes will help absorb sweat, so it won’t start blowing around you. (Comes with a post-wash cleaning clutch. Put the clothes on the cover and wash the inside of the blanket quickly.) Choose breathable, loose-fitting fabrics like cotton, modal or merino. Avoid completely synthetic options. We once tried to put a blanket in with polyester spandex leggings, and … it was swampy.

  1. AMO long sleeve babe t-shirt goop, $ 105

    Long sleeve babe t-shirt
    goop, $ 105


  2. G. Label Nicholas Waist Pants

    G. Label
    Nicholas waist pants
    goop, $ 295


  3. Patagonia Merino Crew Lightweight Socks Patagonia, $ 22

    Lightweight Merino Crew socks
    Patagonia, $ 22


What to take in hand:

A good size bottle of fresh water. Things will toast and you will be losing fluids through sweat. So make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after the sauna. We love the self-cleaning Larq bottle. Every two hours — or every time you press the lid button — it purifies the water with a UV-C LED light. It’s insulated so the end-of-sweat sessions are just as refreshing as your initial drinks.

  1. Larq The Larq Self Wash Bottle Goop, $ 95

    Larq Auto Cleaning Bottle
    goop, $ 95


How to spend time:

Activities with ears only. What you’ve learned about trying to mix with a sauna and a laptop at the same time or flip through the pages of a book: it’s best not to try. Go find some chapters in your favorite audio book or listen to the new Arlo Parks album.


Physical release


The HigherDOSE Infrared Mat. Made by the same people who created the sauna blanket, the way to get into the infrared mat is so sweaty. Instead of putting your head in a large pocket, you sit or lie on the rug. You have the freedom to move and stretch. And you can get up with a little water and return without having to handle Velcro status. (You can also wear whatever you want, because there is more airflow, the experience doesn’t get so hot.) The rug is made of layers of amethyst and tourmaline. If you’re ready to do that, you can also open the pulsed electromagnetic field settings, which can be adjusted apart from the infrared heat.

  1. HigherDOSE Infrared mat goop, $ 995

    Infrared Mat
    goop, $ 995


How to spend time:

If you just turn on the rug, lower it a bit and call it a day, HigherDOSE Infrared Mat provides a solid foundation for your usual wellness habits. Keep it low; it’s not the time to do your hardest HIIT workout. Instead, it’s a great breather here. Lying down, try to slow down the pace of breathing by prolonging exhalations. It calms the head and body tremendously. If you want some guidance, you can use something like Komusō Design’s The Shift: you breathe naturally, lift your device to your lips, and breathe in a narrow tube. HigherDOSE esters can also make gentle movements, such as stretching or some yin yoga. (Glo has an extensive catalog of yin yoga classes available on request.) The heat may increase your muscles and joints, so you can deepen your pigeon position and disappear into a happy baby.

  1. Komusō Design The Shift goop, $ 105

    Komusō Design
    goop, $ 105


With this wind:

A bowl of herbs. Maybe if you approach camomile at bedtime. If you feel happy and want to keep the atmosphere going, try House of Waris ’Sweet Clarity – a warming mix of adaptogens and botanicals, including rhodiola, eleuthero, tulsi, cardamom, ginger, sweet basil and orange peel. It’s delicious and spicy and all we want is a post-infrared chill.

  1. House of Waris Sweet Clarity goop, $ 28

    Waris house
    Sweet light
    goop, $ 28



Spiritual restoration


HealthyLine Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat uses five different therapeutic features: far infrared heat, hot stones, red light, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and negative ions. It is designed to warm and relax the body and maintain overall well-being. If desired, you can cover the accompanying Mylar blanket on the body to catch the heat and mimic the effects of a sauna. But the real stars here, as the name suggests, are gems: thirteen pounds of amethyst, tourmaline and already feeling warm against your skin is a special luxury.

  1. HealthyLine Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat Goop, $ 1,049

    Jewel Heat Therapy Mat
    goop, $ 1,049


How to spend time:

Take advantage of the flexibility of the sterile. You can sit back, bend over and look for anything without disturbing your infrared session, so why not use this time to do a little reading of tarot or oracle cards? Take the burden of your favorite deck; we have really entered into the Internal Compass Cards developed by spiritual motivations Neel van Lierop“And spread them out.” Pull any three and place them next to each other. How do the themes depicted in these cards appear in your life right now? Do some reflect your past, present, and future? Can you spot a pattern?

  1. Internal compass goop tickets, $ 55

    Internal Compass Cards
    Internal Compass Cards
    goop, $ 55


For more help, look for a guidebook. Most decks, including the Inner Compass, come with a sort of manual, explaining the symbolism and meaning of each card. If you’re using the classic tarot range and really want to immerse yourself, check it out A holistic tarot By the hand of Benebell Wen. At nearly 900 pages, it’s a larger volume than a light read, but for those who want to delve deeper, it’s a great resource for setting up spreadsheets and interpreting cards.


Light a candle, spray some essential oils through a diffuser or create an excellent incense state. Cinnamon Projects makes an incense medium we love: you can set it to light incense at one or both ends. This set contains incense sticks of five different scents. The 7 a.m. incense – which smells of black tea, clay, charcoal and marigold – is one of the most balanced and meditative we have ever smelled.

  1. Cinnamon Projects Rose Quartz Burner + Incense Set

    Cinnamon Projects
    Pink quartz burner + Incense set
    goop, $ 295


We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is also to suggest only the things you love and think about. We also like transparency, so full disclosure: we may receive a portion of sales or other compensation if you purchase through external links on this page.

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