9 chic ways to wear jeans in 2021

Maintaining modern denim styles can feel like a full-time job: in just one year, we have witnessed the revival of a number of classic styles such as early aughts ultra low and 90s style loose jeans. It feels like a revolving door denim d at this point, so I decided to pay attention to another style that is expected to be huge upcoming this season.

Check out your Instagram feed or a recent photo of paparazzi and make sure you see a pair of cropped jeans somewhere in the mix. Brands like Charlotte Knowles and Celine have often included the cut in their latest collections, and if Bella Hadid‘s constant rotation of low-lying missiles are any indications, only from now on it will increase. Since all the cut-out jeans are in my brain, I decided to round off all the cool ways the fashion crowd shapes them – 9 specific ways to be precise. Keep scrolling to peek into them all.

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