According to a makeup artist, 13 makeup tips for about 40 years

Regardless of age, makeup is a wonderful way to express and empower oneself. But we shape ourselves in the same way skin care as we get older with routine, so do our makeup options. Most of us completely change the textures, finishes, and formulations we recorded in the 20s or 30s in the 40s, along with our makeup goals. To find out more, I touched on the makeup artist Jane Meng To share the best products along with some handy tips and tricks for putting on makeup for about 40 years.

We’ve all been there; we enter the dusty room in the middle of dinner to find out that our concealer has gone awry, growing under the wrinkled eyes, or to find that once you loved it the trusty dust has settled on our foreheads. lines and began to flake. And let me remind you, this can happen at any age! When that happens, it’s time to adjust your makeup routine.

Keep reading Meng’s 40-year-old makeup tips …

Make a statement.

Menge explained that makeup for about 40 years should be focused on making a single statement. This means a dramatic eye with a bold lip or a softer lip. Try to keep things fresh and easy, with a noticeable moment that highlights a feature.

Take care of your skin.

According to Meng, the first thing you can do to prevent makeup from wrinkling, exploding or drying out is to take good care of your skin. Invest in a great daily skin care routine moisturizer, quality sunscreen, moisturizing serum, and acids will create the most suitable base for makeup. Your foundation doesn’t look dry and pastel when you apply it. If she does, the founder of Mixed Makeup and the creator of Naturium, Susan Yara says it’s usually due to a lack of hydration and moisture, and perhaps even a little exfoliation. See it as very informative video on Instagram with some skin care tips that can help.

Makeup will always add texture to the skin, so remember: less is more! This means fewer products and a thinner application, making it easier to combine makeup with skin instead of settling on thin lines.

2 sunscreens that Menge loves …

Enter the colors

The key is to experiment and find colors that suit your skin tone and personality. You may be surprised. For example, Meng loves a dirty purple liner. It is sophisticated and attracts the eye in a more interesting and gentle way than black eyeliner would. Be careful not to use too much pink around the eye, as these can cause fatigue or blood flow.

Do not stack products

Trying to cover up any noticeable facial imperfections will only create the appearance of a mask, which will eventually settle, flake or fold. Keep things simple and minimal.

Use a primer

Avoid putting makeup on the pores using a great primer as the day progresses. It helps to create a foundation for your makeup and gives it durability.

Meng’s favorites …

Use a color corrector under the eyes

One of Menge’s favorite things about eye-catching eye color is that it gives your skin a foundation that helps prevent wrinkles from hiding. Sometimes the checker is all you need and at least allows you to use fewer concealers than you normally would like. He wants to mix a thin layer of straightener (only in colored areas) with a soft brush. Then apply a thin layer of concealer to cut the edges with another fluffy brush.

2 color correctors in Meng’s kit …

Avoid setting your eyes underneath with dust

Meng dust can often make it look heavy in an area that needs to be lightened and can also be put on scratches throughout the day. A little color checker and some hide-and-seek should do the trick!

Meng 2 hideouts always arrive …

Use your fingers

Meng likes to apply creamy, reddened creams with his fingers as well as some bases. You can always go in for polishing and mixing with the brush.

Meng’s 3 best loved bases …

Use very fine loose powder

If you need powder but are concerned with the cake, then Meng recommends a very fine powder to get that velvety touch and finish. They can tighten or shed on the skin and fill in fine lines and pores. You can strategically and only place it where you need dust and where you don’t need to avoid creating texture.

Meng’s powder is ultra-fine …

Add cream and highlights to the bronzers

Meng avoids highlighting powders and bronzes as much as possible so that the skin stays hydrated without taking cakes. One of his favorite tricks for makeup for about 40 years is to place the highlight directly under the foundation. It gives you a light inside, but most of all, it doesn’t draw attention to the texture like a powder.

2 best bronze / bronze highlights in Meng …

Mix the cream and brown the powder

Mix in a red cream and then add a little pink powder to have more definition and more strength.

Meng’s favorites turn red …

Use lip moisturizers

No one wants to deal with crisp and dry lips, and the older they get, the more we need to keep the delicate skin of the lips ultra hydrated. A lip moisturizer will give you the color of a lipstick with a touch of lip balm. Dreamy!

Meng’s favorite moisturizing lip product …

Refresh with a spray setting

Meng likes to use the spray setting as an extra layer to protect it from the outside world. It is especially recommended if you do makeup in your 40s because it helps to create a unified look to achieve an overall and hydrated look. It is also very good to refresh the look of makeup even when it starts to settle or dry by hand.

Meng’s # 1 setting spray …

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