Amazon event in September 2021: Echo Show 15, Smart Thermostat, and more

For $250 you get a base station with Eero’s Wi-Fi 6 integrated router (Amazon bought Eero in 2019). LTE High Speed ​​Backup keeps it running even when the internet is down. For an extra $50, you’ll get a range extender, alarm keypad, motion detector, and four window and door sensors. Alarm clock has the ability to store videos locally with Ring Edge, which is great for anyone who doesn’t want their data on the cloud. It’s available to Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Protector subscribers and comes with a 64GB MicroSD card, which stores about 47 hours of video, according to the company.

There’s also a new Pro subscription to Ring Protect The plans, which cost $200 per year or $20 per month. You’ll get professional monitoring, internet backups on all your Ring devices, access to the Alexa Guard Plus helpline, and more robust online security with Eero Secure.

Virtual security guard

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If you are a small business owner or have several homes or rental properties, Ring’s new virtual security guard may look attractive to you. third party service –Quick response, though Ring says other security surveillance companies will join in later — they can monitor outside cameras any time you’re in an armed position. These clients will be able to view movement alerts and respond accordingly, such as setting off an alarm and alerting the police if an intruder is detected. Ring says agents can only view the live feed when motion is detected, not when the camera is disabled. You must Apply for early access.

New alarms for doorbells and cameras from Ring

There are also two new types of alerts you can use with your Ring’s doorbells and cameras: packet alerts and custom event alerts. With Package Alerts, available on Video Doorbell 2 Pro and Video Doorbell (2020), you’ll receive a notification when packages are delivered in a specific area. Custom event alerts work with the Ring Cam’s battery to recognize if an object is in a certain situation – like leaving the garage door open or having a car in the driveway. You can customize exactly which areas and things you want to monitor and the Ring app will send any necessary alerts to your phone.

Work site protection

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Working with The Home Depot, Ring’s new JobSite Security package aims to make job site monitoring easier. There are several packages to customize to your liking, but they include Ring Alarm Pro and the Ring Protect Pro subscription service. You’ll be able to buy it and connect it with additional accessories like Ring Power Packs, smart cameras, and smart lighting. It’s available exclusively at The Home Depot and packages start at $400.

Blink video doorbell

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If you’re not interested in Ring, there’s always Blink, another smart home company that Amazon has acquired. It just announced its first video doorbell, complete with 1080p HD video day and night, alerts sent to your phone, two-way audio, and up to two years of battery life (unless you choose to plug it in). It’s compatible with Echo and Fire devices, which you can use to monitor and control the camera via Alexa voice commands. Starts at $50.

Blink also announced two additional products: the battery-powered LED Floodlight Camera Mount, which is compatible with Blink’s outdoor camera, as well as the Solar Panel Mount. The solar panel can recharge the external camera. All three new Blink devices are currently available for pre-order.

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