Apple Mysteriously Raises the Price of Its Flex Earphones

Last year, Apple unveiled another new pair of headphones for their Beats family of headphones in the case of Beats Flex. Priced at $ 49, it’s a much cheaper wireless switch to devices like AirPods, and it also featured the use of the W1 chipset that made pairing with Apple devices a piece of cake.

With its looks and price points, it certainly was a persuasive appeal, but now for an inexplicable reason, Apple has raised the price of the ear to $ 20 which will now cost $ 69 to buy it. This is according to the Brazilian publication MacMagazine who discovered the hike on the Apple Store.

This price adjustment seems to have been used in non -US stores, but other international Apple Stores as well, such as Canada which is now CAD $ 89.95 compared to CAD69.95 previously, and Brazil where it used to be. costs R $ 579 but this price is R $ 899.

It’s not clear why Apple has increased the price. Usually companies keep the price of the product advertised until the next generation where they might increase / decrease the price, so this is a different move for Apple. In any case, at $ 69 it suddenly feels like a lower value for money, and at that price we think there might be more options.

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