Foodtech Startup New Age Meats raises $ 25 million in Series A funding

New Age Meats, a California-based foodtech startup, has been created $ 25 million A series of funded animal cells to develop the next generation of processed meat.

The round was led by South Korean company Hanwha Solutions, with the participation of existing investors such as SOSV’s IndieBio, TechU Ventures, ff VC and Siddhi Capital. The total funding received since the new capital was created is $ 32 million. New Age Meats CEO Brian Spears mentioned the success of the round by saying:

“Hanwha, more than any other investor, really got our unique vision and that’s understanding why our senses are turned on when we eat meat – then it creates a lasting and humane experience to offer that experience in an affordable and affordable way.”

The New Age Meat was created with the mission of making a new type of meat that is better not only for human health but also for the environment and animal warfare. This is done by growing meat from animal cells, instead of killing the animals and combining them with plants to achieve added texture, flavor and health benefits. Spears said of this approach:

“If the pandemic and climate change have highlighted anything, the world needs to find significantly better ways to meet the demand for billions of people without harming animals or harming the environment. We believe that our hybrid products combine cultivated meat and plant-based protein. that they do. “

New Age Meats plans to double the size of its new workforce and develop a new manufacturing pilot in Alameda, as well as accelerate R&D efforts to improve the taste and quality of its products.

Together environmental concerns are growing and as millions of people turn to animal-free alternatives, the foodtech startup is poised to become a major player in the new generation of meat grown in the lab.

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