Google Patent Unveils a Futuristic-Looking Tablet

Photo Map – Giuseppe Spinelli / LetsGoDigital

Google is no stranger when it comes to tablets. The company has built tablets in the past as part of its Nexus line, and they’ve also been following up with the devices. such as the Pixel C and the Pixel Slate. However, we have not heard anything from the company since then regarding the new tablets.

That said, people on LetsGoDigital have since stumbled upon a patent filed by Google back in 2019 that was recently published by the Japan Patent Office in June 2021. It was for a the tablet showed a lateral display with a large rectangular section behind him.

The strange thing about this patent is that there seem to be no front -end cutouts or cameras, but designer Giuseppe Spinelli chose to make a mockery of how it might look, as to be seen in the holiday above. It’s a futuristic-looking design, and unique than Pixel-seen as well.

It’s not certain whether this patent was filed solely to protect Google’s design and interest, if it’s a sign of what’s to come. However, as it was filed in 2019 and we’ve never felt anything since, it’s hard to say what will happen, so you may not have your hope beyond seeing a new Google board.

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