Google Shows You How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Google Phone

Although iOS and Android are direct competitors to each other, Google realizes that they can’t convince everyone to come to their side, which is also why Google makes the a lot of effort in developing apps for iOS users even if they can’t allow them to use Android, they can still use iOS users.

That said, Google has since published a blog where they detail which apps are available for iOS and also how to turn an iPhone into a Google phone by using strategically placed widgets.

With iOS 14, Apple allowed users to place widgets on their home. Developers like Google have long built widgets for their iOS apps to make it easier for users to log in on the home screen itself, and this blog post is actually a preview of apps and widgets. are available.

We’re talking about widgets for Gmail, Google Fit, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Photos, Google Music, and even the Chrome dinosaur game that you can play while offline. When put together like this, it’s pretty amazingly complete, maybe if you’re exploring some ideas in the idea house, maybe this is it.

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