Instagram Hits Breakthrough In ‘Instagram Kids’ Development

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Facebook was working on Instagram Kids. This will build an Instagram base of its more child-friendly content, kind of like Google did with YouTube Kids. However, it seems that Facebook’s plans have now stalled.

According to a story from Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, “We strongly believe that it is better for parents to have the option to give their children access to an Instagram post designed for them – where parents can see and control their experience – rather than rather than expecting an app that can verify the age of children who are too young to have an ID. ”

He added, “While we remain with the need to develop this experience, we have decided to stop this project. This will provide an opportunity for us to work with parents, experts, legislators and regulators, listen to their concerns, and highlight the value and importance of this project for young people online. today. “

According to the story, critics have pointed out that the integration of standards for children is a bad idea, but Mosseri bases this by saying children are already online, and that advertising and developing a very special situation for the better. Mosseri also noted that the post they planned to build is not the same as the current Instagram, and will have no ads and will only show age -appropriate content.

That said, we think there are difficulties in building a standard. Even Google YouTube Kids is not recommended. In any case, it seems that plans for the situation have already stopped but when it is expected to start again (if at all) it’s someone’s guess.

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