Man has just converted his microwave into a 700-W laser oven

Sometimes you start a project and realize that it has its own ideas; it quickly gets out of your control and takes over your own life. An example of this can be found in this video from the YouTube channel styrofoam: What started as a simple experiment to improve his microwave evolved into a 700W laser oven. He is trying to change his microwave by improving the power supply to the magnetron and killing two birds with one stone in the process, as he has long wanted to cook food with lasers.

After numerous experiments, he finally managed to build a new oven that uses about 2kW of electricity. About 700 watts of this is converted into laser light. To see if the final product works, he cooks various things on it, including sushi, steaks, toast and more. He says that laser-cooked food tastes interesting with a “smoky” taste, as blue light burns most food. If you are interested in learning more, watch the video above and enjoy as always!

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