Software collaboration enhances the clarity of live video playback

Leaders Aidan Fitzpatrick and Nick Mattingly are committed to providing anyone with better tools in their efforts to achieve better image and powerful live video playback and creation technologies.

Fitzpatrick’s Reincubate has developed Camo, a software that is capable of delivering broadcast video quality from your phone. Mattingly’s Switcher Studio brings a range of tools to the iPhone that add production images in real time as you play video content. A recent deal put the two together, like Reese’s venerable Peanut Butter Cups ad.

The pandemic has overcome the need for better, cheaper and more accessible video and image resources. This partnership provides the next evolution of quality in image and digital connection. Yes, like peanut butter and chocolate, each of these technologies can be on its own. They are combined and a whole new experience.

Collaboration has the same opportunity

Significant parts of the world are moving online. Remote or hybrid work models have progressed to “how do we do this” and “how do we do without it”. The same can be said with the classroom. Other interactions are rapidly becoming aware of their potential and need. New tools will improve this dynamic of interaction across the city or across the country.

Mattingly believes that the tools available in Switcher can add to what were the first post-production elements in the creation of video playback, removing cost barriers. Camo’s technology provides similar support to streamer, providing access to high-resolution video images at an affordable price. (There is also a free option.)

Combining the two seemed like a noticeable step forward for the two CEOs. In the process, they saw opportunities open up.

“We approached Switcher:‘ Hey, we built this thing and we think it’s very valuable to other people as well as ourselves, and maybe there’s a way to take advantage of it, ”Fitzpatrick said. “This is a big space [and] there is tremendous value in creating close partnerships with other thought leaders. “

Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Outsourcing, focus on your strengths and on the shoulders of giants

Fitzpatrick said the partnership is beginning to fill the “dead space” between complex business systems and limited mobile tools.

“Technology exists to make that space non-existent,” Fitzpatrick said. “The the best webcam on the market it won’t come close to what your phone can do, both in terms of hardware and software, but also in terms of the research and development behind the technology. Every year, Apple spends more on R&D because of the image sensors that webcam companies make, all together. “

Ripple effect: based on existing technology

Thanks to smart collaboration, companies like Reincubate and Switcher can capitalize on the millions that Apple (and similar companies) spend on R&D. In addition, the couple can take advantage of the expense incurred in their products. This ripple effect it improves the ability to target strengths by providing more opportunities to the end user. Mattingly announced this partnership and many others could walk into these knots to market solutions faster.

“We’re in a position to get the same tools as the big boys,” Mattingly said. “[This type of technology] allows non-video professionals to participate in the process. You are able to create content for people across the organization. “

Leveling the field

Mattingly noted that video playback is still relatively new, launching on Facebook in 2016. The idea of ​​accessing live video playback for every business can be a complete and sufficient idea to interact with current and potential customers.

A few decades ago, corporations would create hero videos for their brand. They invested heavily in time and resources, with long schedules and extensive post-production work. Streaming has offered many new opportunities for consumer touchpoints. Creators in the basement of the meeting room can capture current content and be interactive with the audience.

Opportunities can come as a form of video structuring and as an opportunity to connect with end users, the list of clients, patients, students, colleagues, players, worshipers … continues.

There is a different expectation between the live video and a formally produced segment. Live video broadcasts tend to receive a greater response from listeners, and they have a greater chance of interacting with them.

“I think [everyone tapping into live streaming opportunities] it could happen … but the idea of ​​doing one more thing is awesome, ”Mattingly said. [and] As soon as it’s finished, you can go back to work or do some other content. “

What’s Next?

Developers like Switcher and Reincubate do not control the direction of the technology. However, they and their customers can take advantage of the leaps created by the giant hardware and the software used to control these devices. Fitzpatrick and Mattingly were amazed at what they were seeing on the horizon, among others augmented reality, kinematic mode for iPhone 13, low light manipulation, depth detection hardware and volumetric video.

The next software-driven leap in the world of video playback may have something to do with these innovations or something completely different. Mattingly sees the market for pairing video technology with devices that aren’t normally associated with cameras. It holds the smart microwave, detects what you put in it and cooks it according to your wishes.

If Mattingly and Fitzpatrick can see beyond the horizon, their cards are playing next to the vest, however, microwave wishes. The last 24 months have seen a change in how live video technology can be used and who can bring content to market.

“If it’s a good story to tell, in some cases, it doesn’t matter what it’s like,” Mattingly said. “America’s major networks had the main hosts of the night making content from home … They put it through webcam-like platforms with webcams and on TV. You have the same tools and technology at your fingertips and you can create things well or better.”

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