The 13 coolest chairs on the planet

This Lagos-based design company draws inspiration from minimalist architecture and places it in a contemporary Yoruba context. In other words, he puts West African fabrics and wood in exquisite, clean forms. The sharp corners of the Line chair are reminiscent of the work of French modern design legend Pierre Jeanneret.

$ 656,

Courtesy of Takeshi Nii


Designer: Takeshi Nii
Country: Japan

A Japanese classic designed in 1970 that has won awards for three separate decades, this is one of those landmark pieces that makes time bend. Was it really made 50 years ago? Lightweight, foldable and reasonably priced, this is the platonic ideal of the camp chair.

$ 700,

Courtesy of León León

BN01 Table

Designer: Leo Leo
Country: Mexico

Mexico City-based León León BN01 is an unadorned leather visor hanging on a light wood base of the steamer, a species found mostly in Latin America. Shaped a bit like Kaare Clint’s 1933 Safari chair, but with the same direct energy that characterizes Percival Lafer’s 70s loungers, it is elegant, unpretentious and majestic.

$ 2,115,

Photo by Sarah Lee

Kimble table

Designer: Matthew Hilton for De La Espada
Country: England

A Windsor chair made by Portuguese furniture maker De La Espada, Kimble looks elegant as a museum piece, but rethought in a personalized, rich way. Each version of the chair made of ash and walnut – whether finished with white, black or Danish oil – offers a different aesthetic and energy, from simple and bright to vivid and contrasting.

$ 1460,

Courtesy of NOOM

Low chair Gropius

Designer: NOOM
Country: Ukraine

NOOM designer Katerina Sokolova paid tribute to the heroes of furniture from the past: The Gropius low chair, named after the founder of Bauhaus, uses the rough dimensions of its famous F51 armchair, inverted, to make it softer and more playful.

A version of this story originally appeared in the October 2021 issue entitled “Around the World of 13 Chairs.”

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