The 3 main basics of autumn that I have already worn to death

As editors, there is no denying the fact that our work comes with many advantages. Fun events, designer peeks, casual swing bags and more are all part of the territory. Lately, though, we here at Who What Wear have something new to boast.

You probably already know about our eponymous clothing line which started only last month and – if I may brag for a moment –already making a lot of noise. An unexpected (but amazing) by-product of connecting with the Who What Wear label is the early access and the opportunity to get the songs before their official release. As such, there are several articles from our last decline in which I live and love for a long time. Of course, they also gathered a lot of fans among my friends and relatives, because they are literally a magnet for compliments. Next, see what I wear (and how I wear the items) and buy your favorite pieces from our collection.

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