The best hair brushes to shine and smooth hair

The right brush can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your hair, says Adir Abergel, LA hairstylist and creative director at Virtue Labs (who is also one of GP’s favorite stylists). “Know what result you’re looking for, and insert a brush, along with the hair serum, of course, to help you get there,” she says.

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  2. Different types of bristles and different shapes of brushes change the effect a brush has on your hair. For example, the wide shape is better for smoothing and curling, and nylon bristles with ball ends are better for undoing (and provide the best head massage). Abergel’s tips make it easy if you want to boost shine, make a stylish explosion, release wild curls, or give your fine hair a bit of body and a bit of playful twist.

  1. 1

    To correct and add brightness:Paddle brush


    A super dense combination of nylon and wild boar

    What it does:

    “The wide shape is great for smoothing hair, removing volume and giving a firm, straight finish at the ends,” says Abergel. “Paddle brushes are designed with bristles that protrude from a soft cushion, so they match your scalp as you slide the brush through your hair to make them perfect. they help undo it. “

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  1. 2

    To increase volume and bounce:Round brush


    Twelve rows of curved wild boar bristles

    What it does:

    “If you lack volume, a round brush creates body and bounce, giving you the excitement of more hair,” says Abergel. “The shape creates a lift on the scalp and creates a perfect finish on the ends. The wild boar bristle brush is my favorite because it creates the right tension and flattens the cuticle to give maximum shine.”

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  1. 3

    To disassemble and stimulate the scalp:Brush removal


    Wooden pins

    What it does:

    “The removal brush is important for everyone because it helps prevent damage,” he says. “It’s great for stimulating the skin and gently removing hair.” Here, the beech wood handle is easier to hold and the split wooden needles and soft rubber cushions protect the skin from rubbing.

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  1. 4

    To create a smooth finish and shine:Finish brush


    Wild boar bristles and nylon tufts

    What it does:

    “The finish brush is perfect,” says Abergel. “The combination of wild boar and nylon helps with adhesion and shine and distributes oils to create polished hair. If you want that kind of old Hollywood red carpet hairstyle, curl your hair first, then wash your curls to get a smooth, shiny look.”

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Red-head massage massage comb

  1. Use this wonderful hand-cut jade comb for a stimulating gua sha massage on your scalp. Based on the ancient Chinese therapy of gua sha, the sculpted massage tool is to smooth the face or body. Massage with this comb is absolutely incredible (especially Cold Process Scalp Detoxification tonic). Stimulating for the beard and relaxing for the spirit, it is our favorite daily ritual.

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