The new 3,000-ton ballistic missile submarine in South Korea

The great world powers are rearming.

And South Korea has launched a new 3,000-ton ballistic missile submarine in the third locally built major addition to the powerful nation, according to a statement from the country’s navy in initial Korea Times report.

And that makes three submarines with ballistic missiles for South Korea.

South Korea currently has three submarines with ballistic missiles

The launch ceremony for the new submarine went smoothly at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. in the city of Ulsan, southeastern South Korea. The new boat, named after Korean independence activist Shin Chae-ho, is the third and final of three Changbogo-III Batch-I submarines the country has developed without outsourcing technology, in a project worth approximately $ 2.77 billion. All three new boats can launch submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). The first of its class was launched in 2018 and was deployed in August. The second, named Ahn Mu, left the port in November 2020 for testing and will be accepted by the Korean Navy next year, according to officials. Korea Times.

The new submarine is 9.5 meters wide and 274 feet (83.5 meters) long and can carry 50 crew members underwater for 20 days without surfacing, according to the administration’s acquisition program. the country (DAPA), which also said the new boat would be delivered to the Navy in 2024 after extensive test operations. “The submarine has a strong ability to deter provocations, as it can be equipped with tested SLBMs earlier this month,” the Navy said in a statement. “About 76% of its parts are manufactured locally, which allows for timely maintenance and other technological support.”

The United States and Australia are building nuclear submarines amid growing tensions with China

Earlier in September, South Korea unveiled its first self-developed SLBM when it announced the test launch of its Dosan Ahn Chang-ho submarine, which, like the new boat, has six vertical landing tubes that can launch SLBMs. North Korea is also developing its SLBM and submarine capabilities and has unveiled a range of new SLBMs in recent months. The other Korea is also developing a new submarine, which experts say could be a 3,000-ton boat that can also carry missiles. But officials stressed that North Korea has not yet passed a successful test for its underwater discharge of these missile systems.

Last week, in response to South Korea’s SLBM, North Korea’s chief of missile development said his colleague’s asset was “cumbersome” and still under development. The North government in Pyongyang is also urging the South to stop developing and purchasing modern weapons, arguing that the actions are an expression of hostile intent. This comes approximately a week later The United States and Australia have struck a deal for the former to supply nuclear-powered submarines to the latter, and it is difficult not to note China’s growing military might, seeking to increase its presence and influence in the Indo-Pacific region, as a major motivation for the United States, Australia, and now South progress. Korea. Although the new Korean submarine does not appear to be nuclear-powered (which explains the limited underwater time), it can see action if conflict between China and the United States in the region over the next decade.

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