Wahoo Fitness SYSTM Review: The Sufferfest Relauches With Biggest Ambitions

Confession: I never used suffering, a popular cycling training app that encourages users to go the extra mile while navigating their flowing workouts in the fictional world of “Sufferlandria” on their stationary bikes. Being outside on my mountain bike is my favorite training platform. Plus, I had the idea that The Sufferfest was geared toward super-competitive, race-bred cycling guys who battle their coaches, and that’s kind of true. As its founder David McQuillen, a former cyclist and banker now based in Tasmania, admitted, the platform was “too masculine”.

However, she was also highly regarded for the sports science that she brought to the training platform. So when I heard the news Wahoo Fitness Bought The Sufferfest in 2019, took two years to expand into science, added a completely comprehensive non-cycling kit — with components like yoga sessions and mental toughness — and changed the name to the more palatable SYSTM, I became intrigued.

Today’s newly refurbished training platform is being unveiled, and I had the opportunity to take it for a spin in the pre-launch run. The good news: The new system kept me fully engaged indoors with a coach during a week of gorgeous fall weather. The bad news: The whole new system kept me in coach during a week of great fall weather.

Photo: Wahoo Fitness

The standout feature of the redesigned app, aimed at endurance athletes, is how deeply it goes into the science to analyze your performance in the saddle. headed by Neil Henderson, coach of Boulder, Colorado for Olympic champions like Flora Davi And many others, Henderson’s theory is that traditional exercise based on functional threshold, which is the athlete’s ability to maintain the highest possible energy production over 45 to 60 minutes, is not enough to train effectively. To improve it, he developed “4D Strength” (4DP) which, in addition to FTP, uses neuromuscular strength, anaerobic power, and extreme aerobic power to create a more efficient, precisely tuned, and customized workout.

To find that magic 4DP while using the app, athletes work up to an hour-long Full Frontal ramp test, an all-out effort and bravery on the ground. Once the test is complete, the app will customize a training plan going forward tailored to each specific athlete’s profile.

This can all seem very dangerous. However, science and suffering aside, SYSTM is also a comprehensive training platform that is fun, educational, entertaining and all-inclusive that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has five components: cycling, running, swimming, strength, mental training and yoga, all of which can be curated together in one place in an easy-to-use app calendar.

Device neutral is available for Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. Since the app can be cast to a TV or simply played on a phone or tablet, it’s compatible with Wahoo trainers and bikes, as well as bikes from other brands.

Focused on cycling, it is a catalog of dozens of rides divided into five main categories. On Location is set in stunning suburbs. I loved the sound of Getting Away With It, which took 44 minutes. The goofy story line begins in the office, where after telling your boss some little white lies, you miraculously make your way up a mountain trail in the Pyrenees to climb 2,200m Arcalis and other trails with professional cyclist Dan Martin and Mike Coty, founder Cool Cool. The Spanish scene is enhanced by feedback from guides, a fit-to-ride playlist, nuggets of regional history and culture, on-screen cycling prompts like “stand up,” and a string of goofy jokes about “Couchlandrians” back in the office. Spoiler: The boss eventually realizes and you’re fired. There’s a lot going on, but it felt like a rough ride while getting involved with friends having fun rather than walking out of the house aloof wanting to kill the hypothetical opponent from the UK who keeps on overtaking me, as is the case with other platforms I have. used.

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