11 tips for hair salon aging to keep your locks healthy

Like me, you grew up hearing that your hair is in a seven-year cycle. It’s not exactly an exact number, but it’s not entirely true either. What we do know is that she has only one strand of hair life expectancy between two and seven years. After that, the hair falls out and is replaced with a new one, but not always! Genetics and nature aging the process is also extremely important in hair changes. So it makes sense that as the decades go by, the hair starts to change, starting with the growth cycle. texture, grays and much more. Of course, prevention is everything, so I touched a hair stylist to give you the best anti-aging hair and products. recommendations.

Not everyone may be Cindy Crawford hair, but we can get pretty close! Common thinning problems, such as graying, dryness and change texture they can be confusing and stressful, but there are many ways to treat these issues with amazingly priced products. Hairdresser Betsy Duggan she shares anti-aging tips and tricks with her favorites.

As always, she quickly remembers that those who notice that they are losing a large amount of hair overnight should talk to a dermatologist as soon as possible, as it can be a sign of another health problem. Fortunately, most issues are common and solutions are ready.

Keep reading for Duggan’s anti-aging hair tips!

1. Keep your hair in disguise

As the hair ages, it is naturally rougher and hairier. Gray hair can be the result of heat styling damage, years of coloring, and so on. Duggan recommends using a hair moisturizer mask at least once a week to supply the hair with ultra-moisturizing nourishing ingredients.

2. Pick up hair accessories

When considered an extreme step, hair accessories officially dominate. (I had to go to a local supplement store in my town and bodybuilders had to walk across the sea looking for protein powders. biotin.) Duggan has seen the success of many clients involved in hair loss Nutrafol and the like hair accessories.

3. Treat the scalp

It’s easy to care for and prioritize scalp hair is a very important component of health. Use of products specifically formulated for the scalp, along with regular skin massage proven for longer, thicker and healthier hair.

4. Get a humidifier

Duggan often recommends that clients with dry skin, itching, and dry hair try using a moisturizer during the dry winter months. Bonus, it’s great for your skin too!

5. Use purple shampoo for grays

Duggan reminded us that he is a huge fan of naturally coloring his hair, “a sign that gray hair is no longer aging, it’s a hallmark of honor that women of all ages embrace.” But it emphasizes the importance of using purple shampoo to make grays look brighter and brighter, rather than fuzzy and yellow.

6. Invest in a low heat style option

Few things do more harm than good to your hair. However, anyone else in Duggan knows that sometimes completely cutting out the heat style is not an option. That’s why investing in low heat styling options can make a huge difference in the health quality of your hair, especially if you use heat several times a week on your hair.

7. Resist the urge to cut explosions

When Duggan first mentioned this advice, I had to roll my eyes and hold back the urge to laugh, then I realized exactly what I did a few years back with stress-related hair loss. Spoiler alert: I immediately regretted it. When your hair darkens, panic can set in, the cut will lead you to think that the bangs will look better. Please trust me when I say that it will be so.

Duggan explains that when you cut explosives, you’re basically losing about 1/4 of the hair that adds volume and thickness to your head in general. If you have a lot of hair, definitely move on; you have excess hair. If you are losing hair and suddenly cutting a quarter of your hair, you may be surprised to see how thin it looks and feels.

8. Less shampoo

Most of us are probably being overwhelmed. Unless the hair is very oily, the notes are more than enough three to four times a week. The trick is to use a great sulfate-free shampoo and wash the locks in one sitting twice. Keeps your hair cleaner for longer – trust me!

9. Use a thickening serum or spray

Until falsified! Luckily, they get a lot thicker serum and sprays give you an instant full-volume look, but they have powerful active ingredients that work to strengthen, protect and promote hair growth.

10. Use to protect against heat

When the style of heat is unavoidable, protection from the heat is essential. It protects the hair follicle from the stresses of heat stress and helps prevent breakage, dryness, split ends and so on.

11. Invest in a great hair oil

Duggan likes to add a little shine to hair oil. Hair oils not only keep your hair healthy and hydrated, they also increase the number of ingredients that help strengthen and protect your locks. You can’t go wrong with these classics.

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